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    Amber Shaper Help!!! (10N)

    So my guild at the moment is on farm status with most of heart of fear and now we have hit a wall with amber shaper.

    raid comp

    Monk and Pally Tank
    2 affl warlocks
    Arcane mage
    Fury warrior
    Windwalker Monk
    Disc/Druid/Pally Heals

    What we are dying on is phase 2 and the adds and when to break people out, we are currently trying to draw out phase one pretty long to try and get as many pools for P3 as possible. what seems to happen is that we break someone out of MC and then the amber explodes with adds still up and with all the damage it seems to kill someone every time. what seems to be the best strat based on the raid come to go with? we have tried 2 healing for the extra dps and haste buff but it doesnt seem to leave enough room for error

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    I think your issue is mostly raid awareness:

    If the big dude casts right after a constructed player freed himself, then he freed himself too soon. Note that he does not have to free himself ASAP - as long as he has the willpower to stay constructed, he should stay in to keep both stacks up and make sure no cast will go through. P2 has to be as short as you can make it: that means you should avoid letting stacks drop off the big guy.

    If the big dude lets off a cast anyway, it can be healed through by popping some well timed raid cooldowns.

    Furthermore, you don't want too many adds up, either, especially if it seems to be a reason for deaths. Adds are underestimated, they can really hurt. Bring whoever's tanking an add into melee so the warrior and the monk can cleave them down, even have that mage go fire for it, which is an excellent spec for the fight really and I don't understand why he's tunneling arcane for it tbh.

    It has been a long time since I've done this fight on normal, but if 2healing is too tight, then I'd advice against it as long as your dps is high enough to bring constructs to 20% relatively fast.

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    On phase 1, don't have anyone DPS the boss except for the tank that gets transformed. Concentrate on killing all the oozes and bringing the transformed tank down to 20%. When the transformed tank is at 20% and about to run out of willpower, break out. Rinse and repeat this until the boss is pushed and phase 2 begins. At this point there are a million pools. From this point on, whoever is transformed stays transformed the rest of the fight (Drink when will power gets low) and have all DPS focus fire the giant monstrosity. You will get 2-3 people transformed this phase and if they just spam 1, someone will interrupt the big guys explosion. The phase will last no more than a minute or two with 2-3 people pounding away with 1 on the boss. Once it transitions, continue focusing the boss and people who are transformed just need to spam 1 on the boss and make sure to drink the pools when their willpower get low.

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    Just make a rule that people transformed in p2 eat ONE pool. Tell those people to watch for the next transformation and break out just before it happens. That will make sure you have noone unconstructed during an amber explosion.

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    We stretch P1 (no direct dps on boss at all) then in p2 the first non healer to get transformed stays in the Abom and handles interrupts while also stacking the debuff on the boss a bit...all other aboms use only 1 pool if even that in p2...p3 we have some stacks on the boss already and lots of pools from the long p1 and he drops fast from there.
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    If your constructs are exiting before the phase 2 add casts his explosion, you aren't transitioning at the proper time.

    Here's how to fix that: Tell everyone that they are no longer allowed to DPS the boss in phase 1. Instead, have the tanks be the only ones attacking. After they have threat, they should only attack the boss while in a construct. Make sure that DPS stops on them early enough to not kill them. Make sure they are hitting their attack button 1 second before their THIRD explosion and then immediately exiting the construct.

    Doing that will ensure that you always have a construct available to interrupt the phase 2 add. Basically, your construct damage will cause the boss to transition very shortly after a tank gets transformed. You'll get another reshape life before the add explodes and you'll always be able to interrupt. No messing around with drinking puddles or any other unnecessary strategies. The timing will be perfect.

    Again, the only damage on the boss in phase 1 is construct damage. Make sure the tanks never drop stacks. Always use the last attack right before the third construct explosion and then immediately exit the construct. Easy.

    edit: I see a lot of runs on my server where people have such high dps that they blow up the construct so fast, causing stacks to drop, making phase 1 last variable amounts of time (usually longer than it would last if they weren't attacking the boss at all). With this strategy, you'll transition to phase 2 after the 3rd reshape life, if I am remembering correctly. It's fast, it's easy, and it takes away the need to do any of the various things that groups are shoehorning into their strategies to make up for bad transition timing.

    edit 2: Alternatively, you can just manually force a transition a few seconds after a reshape life cast.

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