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    1st choice: Alliance, so I could play with my cousin.
    2nd choice: Horde, so I could play with my cousin.
    3rd choice: Horde, cuz troll was the coolest warrior to me.

    Yeah, not the most interesting of reasons. Now I stay Horde because I like the races better, their backstory better, everything about the Horde is just better to me.

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    I went with alliance. Mainly because all my friends from previous MMOs joined the alliance. I didn't want to separate myself from them and be the only hordie

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    Alliance - I was a fan of NE in WC3 for some reason. Can not remember the reason now though ;O

    Even though I have some horde alt's, there is this strange hatred for the horde which has always existed since before I started playing WOW.

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    Yes. Alliance cities are prettier....There is only one...ONE SIGNLE city that is better than alliance ones. And that is my dear Thunder Bluff. Despite hating how stupid taurens look when geared up I've always chosen tauren for my druid because of how...fitting it is...A horned lion rushing through the plains. A hunting bird's view from the top of Thunder Bluff...yeah.

    I still prefer Alliance though. Human just looks awesome with almost any kind of gear. Only an Orc can be on par with a Human when it comes to wearing plate gear. Human Warrior in T6? Wyeah. Human Pala in T10? Wyeah. For my Pandaren I choose Alliance too because of how much I hate new Orgirmmar and Garrosh specifically. Thunder Bluff isn't worth fighting in the Horde of reckless and brainless creatures.


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    Horde, i played warcraft for the first time when W3 came out and i loved the Horde campaign (especially the special one with rexxar).
    also played W1 and 2 after that at a friend, and then i realized that thrall his horde was really awesome.

    so when i started playing i picked the horde, since they were the side i loved in W3 + i liked how the forsaken had joined up.
    never considered making my main an alliance (though got a few alts) even now they went a lame way with garrosh.

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    I am and will always be Horde.

    I chose them from playing WC3. I really enjoyed the whole storyline with Thrall and Grom Hellscream. My first character had to be an Orc.

    I have played every race but no longer have a Tauren (I changed him to a Troll when the ability to do that with druids was implemented). I just don't like the model and the way they move. Too cumbersome for my liking.

    I couldn't roll an Alliance at this stage. I have become too used to the death animations in BG's /evil grin.

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    Hordes philosophy (if it can even be called that) is very primitive, outdated and wrong.

    Alliance is not perfect but it at least has a chance to be right, lore-wise.

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    Alliance, because I usually play a human if the option is there in all games. Other than that, I like the classic fantasy setting, humans, elves, dorfs as the good side. I know the horde isn't exactly evil but it just feels wrong playing them.

    I had an undead mage as an alt though Technically it's still a human and I love the UD start areas.. but I wasn't in a guild with it. Just did a few PuGs and some BGs.

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    I chose Horde mainly because my friends were playing as that faction when I started WoW.

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    Always enjoyed them in the RTS, and Thrall's Horde redemption Story in WC3 was so good it sealed it for me.

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    my first char was tauren warr as trial in bc cause to me they are badass ..and i loved them but i could stand orcs.. see-->warcraft 1,2 loreise always have been alliance more civilized and towns are better.. so i rolled couple of chars on alliance and never looked back ..i just wish if taurens were alliance..

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    Horde, find the ally races dull.

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    Alliance, human because i am human, and I like to enjoy the idea of atleast a little bit of myself being in it.
    "Intellect alone is useless in a can't even a break rule, how can you be expected to break bone" Khan Singh

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    When I first started my buddy that got me into the game had most of his toons in a small alliance guild. Been there ever since, I have too much invested on that server to play anywhere else (even though it's a dead guild on a small server). Have dabbled on another server and had a horde druid up to 85 but spend the majority of time on my main alliance server.

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    i chose undead because honestly... something about playing as a zombie just seemed amazing to me lol

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    I started horde on my hunter. Then faxchanged/realm xfer my paladin to play with my co-workers.
    Leveled a bunch of alts to play with friends on diff realms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brutalion View Post
    Started out as Alliance. Then i made a Horde character and i never looked back.
    Same, i was alliance until bc (yes i changed during the belf times) but i would never go back to alli i love all of the Horde races now. Horde for life!
    "I hated hating Garrosh before it was cool."

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