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    Mouse Double Clicks on Single Clicks Fairly Often

    I'm not sure what the issue is, but occasionally my mouse, a Razer Naga will sometimes double click on a single click, and it has only been happening for the last few weeks. I uninstalled all of the previous Razer drivers, and hardware, and then re-installed it, but the issue still persists.

    If anyone knows a possible solution that would be great.

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    It is only gonna get worse, mine steadily multiple clicked more often over time. There is a program out there called AutoHotKey that helped for awhile, but eventually it became unusable anyways. Some peoples say using contact cleaner works for them, I didn't really notice a difference. Google that program, it will give you the script to save you some time, but you're only delaying the inevitable.

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    Could it be your nerves twitching?

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    Try blowing in some compressed air under the mouse button, this is often caused by the contacts under the button being dirty.
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    Very common issue with the naga. Do what the person above said and blow air into there. Mine does this every so often and I just lift the mouse button up and give it a big ol' huff and a puff and it fixes it for awhile.

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    I know exactly what this issue is (or at least what it sounds like, based off the description), and I can explain it shortly. I had the same issue, and have repaired both my mice that had this problem. I'll find the tutorial on how to fix it momentarily.

    Here we go. Basically the copper plate associated with the click, after much button mashing, gets flattened out, when it should have a definite curve. The symptoms I had was basically the following.

    -Holding the mouse button down produced multiple clicks, making dragging and dropping, outlining, etc, impossible
    -Sometimes clicking once produced no clicked at all, or many clicks. Things that intended a single, got double clicks.

    Check this out, see if it might be something of your case. This issue seems to be rather prominent with several Logitech mice (I replaced my M705 with another that had the same issue, found this, and repaired both of them. They have worked flawlessly since)

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    Good find, have the G700 and it's starting to go this route. Will post so I can find this in future
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    Just another product that's purposely made to eventually wear out like shoelaces and razor blades. They want us to have to keep buying new ones.

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    Just another product that's purposely made to eventually wear out like shoelaces and razor blades. They want us to have to keep buying new ones.
    Like any manufactured product really.

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    This is a small utility program I wrote to correct a problem that is experienced by some users of the Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer Optical Mouse, whose devices have defective microswitches under the buttons causing a single-click to be seen by Windows as a double-click (seemingly not "debounced" properly).

    Contrary to Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 266738 — IntelliMouse: Mouse Double-Clicks When You Try to Single-Click — this problem is most likely to be caused by faulty hardware. However, I couldn't be bothered sending my mouse back, so I wrote a software solution to the problem.

    For my mouse, the problem seems to be that the switch isn't "debounced" when you release the button — i.e. when you release it, it actually clicks again. Basically, the program intercepts "up" events for the left mouse button, and ignores any subsequent "up" events that follow within a very small time.
    I had this double clicking problem with my intellimouse 3.0 and downloaded this little program and now it works like a charm, i realise your mouse is the naga but it's one possibility you have the same kind of problem with the up movement being registered as a click so it's something to work from.

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