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    (H-Kul Tiras US) Novus Initium (16/16n,1/16h)

    Novus Initium is an active, mature, semi-casual/semi-hardcore raiding guild. We have been around for a long time partly because we value personality and individuals above anything else -- which leads to a group of people who like each other and are not just in it to collect purple pixels.

    Our core group has been together for years and even people who take long breaks from the game come back to us. Most Novites will agree, we have a strong community and we understand that people have jobs/families/school so we value real-life responsibilities, and you will not lose your raid spot due to real-life commitments as long as you can maintain a respectable level of activity.

    However, we are a raiding guild so we strive to clear current content while it's still relevant -- which means we have to be efficient and bring our A-games. We ask that our members are informed about raid encounters and their classes/specs (and we provide all the resources we can to aid in these endeavors) and are prepared for success.

    We are historically a 25-player guild (particularly for farm content), but also run 10-player groups (particularly for progression), and we are looking for a few people to enhance our core raiding roster.

    We are currently 16/16n, 1/16h and as we have started cracking into Heroics, now would be the time to join and help us as we're pushing to the next level in this raid tier and get us ready to hit the ground running in t15.

    If you want to raid and clear current content without it feeling like a second job, maybe Novus is the home for you. Visit our website at novus-kt.wowstead.com to learn more, and/or message any of us anytime you see us on in-game.

    Thanks for your time -- and we hope you find what you're looking for.
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    We are currently in need of Warriors. Tank/DPS or DPS/tank, but preferably willing to do either as needed.
    <Insurgency> is recruiting !
    ·My Youtube channel·
    ·I have a standing, open Road to Glory challenge in WWE 2K18 for PC (my Steam)·

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