Thread: Is it worth it?

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    Is it worth it?

    Hello people! =)
    I've been playing WoW on a private server and I'm sick of it.I'm thinking about getting MoP.So I have two questions for you:
    1.) Is Pandaria worth buying?
    2.) I live in Europe and I need to know how much will I need to pay monthly for it if I get it?

    Thank you in advance! =)

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    if you pay for 1 month sub about 15 euro.
    if you pay up for 6 month it is about 12 euro.

    if you have cata you can do the mop trial.

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    Click on the logo for Mmo-champion and look at the tab on the right for Mists of Pandaria. Look through that and it will help determine if it's worth it for you.
    Also, you can watch videos of pretty much everything of the expansion.
    Hope this helped.

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