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    Soaking order for Will hc?

    Hi everyone!

    Tonight my guild are starting to work on Will heroic, and I as a raid leader is wondering what the best soaking order would be for our group?

    We got the following members tonight:




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    Make rdruid go bear and let him soak with hunters backup.

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    2 heal and priest go shadow. The first 3 will need to be figured out with a combination of tanks, and/or killing the sparks. After the first 3 go...


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    First you should probably look at the fact it's easier done with 2 healers.
    Mages can soak one spark with Cauterize or multiple (depending on how you're actually doing this) with well timed Greater Invisibility. Paladin should detonate multiple sparks with his bubble, otherwise it's waste. I know Balance Druid can detonate one from time to time. However if you have Rogue somewhere, take the Rogue. He can have Feint almost all the time, soaking large numbers of sparks.
    As for order, you must think of one yourself, it depends on who "tanks" Strength away from 2 bosses and raid (that person should detonate spark from him), depends who CC's (if you do that way) etc.

    Small Edit: Shaman can detonate one every 30 minutes.
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    Honestly; get a rogue, best thing you can possibly do, just higher a rogue to get the kill. Should be too healed otherwise you'll hit the soft enrage and be struggling every round of adds, may seem very healing intense and even if you check mana pools it somewhat gets easier to control later on and with practice.

    If not check Paragon's video
    they have a bear tanking (rdruid) from 70% onwards (did it the whole time just no video of it) just stack stam so that you can soak easiler and go for it best of luck!
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    Seriously, get a rogue. 10m HC Will is a cake walk if you have a rogue. Turns the fight into a joke.

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    CC one pack of rages, and kill them when you get the other pack. Hunter should be able to soak at least three of the rage sparks, and all of them if one spark doesn't go to your "strength tank". Your designated strength tank should ideally be able to soak the strength sparks, and a rogue or a feral druid is ideal for this (with glyph of survival instincts and symbiosis on a priest to get dispersion). As for the courages, you can have your Mages and Paladin alternating on them, should be more than enough.

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    CC strat may not be the best solution for you as you have MORE than enough soakers to handle each wave of rages, strengths, courages.

    Not sure if your Rdruid or Bdruid has a Guardian/Feral OS but if they do this will make the fight even easier. And as mentioned you do NOT and should not 3 heal this fight. As after the 2nd burn phase, the boss goes into a soft enrage where the rages keep spawning faster (no more burn phase).

    The key to this fight is stacking of the range and healers. This ensures that each set of rages are stacked for AOE and are effectively killed together so that the sparks they spawn can be picked up by 1 soaker.

    As for your soaking priority.

    Rages spawn every 30 secs, hunter deterrence will be on a 1 min CD if talented as it should be. This means your hunter can soak every other pack. Therefore have your 2 mages rotating in with their 2.5 min greater invis.

    1st set of rages Hunter
    2nd set of rages mage#1
    3rd set of rages Hunter
    4th set of rages mage #2

    Strength spawns approximately every min or so. If you have a guardian druid, he can basically soak every single strength

    Courage spawns approximately every min and 45 secs (2min). If you have your priest go shadow he can soak every single one of these with dispersion (1.5min cd)

    Your mages can be back up soakers with blink.

    As a final note, if you did not know already, after 3sets of rages, 2 strengths, 1 courage, the boss appears. After this the adds spawn in the exact same order: ie: 3 sets of rages, 2 strengths, 1 courage. After each group its burn phase. You will only see 2 burn phases.

    After the 2nd burn phase keep going at your soaking order until the boss reaches sub 20% (from tank damage, multi-dot, etc). Wait for a courage to spawn (if it hasn't). Then CC rages, have your Guardian druid pick up all strengths that spawn afterwards and hopefully have a kill before the next courage spawns.

    [edit] Rogues aren't needed. We had 2 locks, 1 hunter, 1 MW monk soak ALL rages. A guardian druid soak all strength, and a mage soak all courages.
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