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    Question Arisen [A] Stormrage PVE EU recruiting!

    Arisen is a newly founded guild on Stormrage EU who is currently recruiting.

    Our aim is to have a steady semi-hardcore but social 10 man raiding guild, which will be able to compete among the top progression guilds on the server.

    The core members all have various raid experiences from all the way back to Vanilla and up to now, and we have cleared all MoP raids on normal with a good amount of heroic progression aswell and all challenge modes on gold.

    The atmosphere while raiding is relaxed and we like to have fun with each other. But on boss encounters, full focus is required.

    We welcome both skilled raiders and social players, who want to enjoy a fun atmosphere/experience and has plenty to add to it.

    Current progress is:
    Normal: 16/16
    Heroic: 5/16


    We are especially looking for an Ele Sham (With Resto OS), but all classes will be considered.

    Go to ww w.arisen-guild.enjin.co m to make an app. (without the spaces obviously)

    Feel free to whisper Unamithil or Zhayne in-game or on the website for further information or questions.

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    Bumping for selena!

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