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    How to tell if a motherboard is dead?

    So pretty much what happened is I left to go to work one day, and came back to find the computer was booting. I found out later that my son was turning it off and on for awhile, I've tried to work out what part it is, I've taken everything off the motherboard except for the CPU, and just plugged the 4x4 12V Power connector in and 20+4 Main Connector in, without luck the motherboard still didn't boot up. How certain am I that the problem is the motherboard?

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    I had the same problem a couple of days ago. It was starting too boot and then died again. i tried everything you did but it didnt work anyway. The last thing i tried was the PSU and with another it started. So my guess is that its your PSU that is broken.
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    could be a power supply. if you have an extra one around try that before you switch mb's

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    I've tried booting it with two different PSU and both work on other computers, there is nothing no fans no power at all I've tried removing ram and only puffin one in, the motherboard battery, making sure the power fan and CPU fan are plugged in and also I've taken literally every cord out and pci slot and reinserted with out and luck?

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    If its failing to hit bios screen then 98% on stuffed mobo if the psu is still good. Here is an idea to test the psu (seeing abuse like that would normally kill the psu) chuck the psu into another computer that you know boots and see what happens could even be a case of both psu and mobo fried.

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    Thanks Slasher0161 I ended up checking each component on another PC, It was just the motherboard thank god. I ended up getting a Asrock Z77-EXTREME4-M Z77/4 x DDR3/2 x PCI-E3.0/4 x SATA3/4 x USB3.0/H its a bit small but it still fits all the components.

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