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    'Simpliest' levelling spec


    So, my rogue is not my main character - he's actually quite far down the 'pecking' order (erm - 9th out of 11 characters).

    But, as a complusive alt-o-holic I do like to get one of each class at max level. I did it before the end of Cata and I'm working on it now for MoP.

    However, I'm finding it really hard with the rogue - tend to die or get very close to dying and having to stop and bandage after most fights. This might partially be a gear thing - I got him to lvl 85 and then stopped playing so a lot of his gear is still quest items from Twilight Highlands and Deepholm. Hopefully that'll mean that after I've done half of Jade Forest this shouldn't be as big a problem but has anyone got any idea of what is the simpliest spec just to level with? At this stage, I probably wont be doing any dungeon runs with him - just questing.

    At the moment I'm a Subtlety rogue - no particular reason I just decided way back at level 10 (about 2 years ago) to go with that and haven't really though about changing. So, in Combat or Assassination better for levelling?

    Ideally I'm looking for something simple but enjoyable - you never know, if I enjoy it I may carry on at lvl 90 and do some dungeons/alt-raids with him (my other DPS'ers are all ranged characters so I would like to have a more 'active' melee DPS).

    Any suggestions?

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    I broke down and made an account to respond to this post.

    Well, my personal opinion is that combat is the superior spec for leveling as stealth is not as much of a necessity as it is with assassination or subtlety for many reasons, Blade Flurry being reason number one. Reason two; the ability to shave time off of offensive CD's. Another reason is Killing Spree is extremely deadly when used with Blade Flurry. I play combat an it is better than the others in all aspects except for single target(buff coming in 5.2). Combat is also the most all rounded rogue spec, as it can tank more mobs than assassination or sub when leveling, single target is not as bad as people say it is. I play combat, so I might be a bit bias but Combat would be my choice none-the-less.

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    I broke down and made an account to respond to this post.
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    For a new forum member I award you +10 internetz for your avatar. Made me chuckle
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    combat + sub/assa => combat could be good in dings, but in quests? mostly there is not a lot of mobs so mainy single target. and sub has most powerfull opener for single targed Find Weaknes 10sec debuff on taget when u can do insane dmg, with glyph fo deadly monumentum (i will keep you SnD, and Recuperate uptime) you just nuke down every target.

    Combat could be good in dungs with some aoe situations(especialny with BG on) but u need know how to menage energy + uptime SnD (most of dmg is white so SnD critical).

    And reforges combat and sub can be similar.
    Blade Flurry will get huge nerf after 5.2 will hit. And now its draining you from energy (and CD's have too long time to recharge)

    Combat is not best spec at all, and you cant feel to be as rogue

    even now in lvling sub vs combat is questionable ( in sub sometimes u can do more dmg using single rotation and from time to time some aoe then oher character using aoe rotation)

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    I was Assassination on my rogue from 85-90, questing only, and it was easy enough. Glyph of Deadly momentum is definitely a keeper, got a lot of use out of that when you are constantly killing. He was a tiny bit geared though 365 or something before I went to Jade Forest + I had a blue dagger I'd found on my main, which helped. Apart from that I just used questing greens till 87 when I made the engineering trinket, which is pretty good for that level (does break you out of stealth a godaweful amount of times though, cause the little dragon gets aggro from mobs).

    Setting up is easy. You just get a 2 point S&D up on your first mob and get Recup up with points you have left over when it dies, then open up with 4-5 points on the next mob and use Envenom and you'll automatically get a 5 point S&D running, that gets restarted every time you kill a mob. Then just make sure you get a 5 point recup too and you are breezing.

    Only trouble I remember on my rogue were those Yaungol early on in Townlong. They hit pretty hard on quest gear. I had to carefully pick my fights there for a bit. But we have Vanish, so we rarely get into a problem that kills us.

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    Sub is awesome for lower levels since you will oneshot nearly everything out of stealth with shadowstep in addition. I don't know too much about rogues since I don't play mine much, but low level questing as sub is by far superior to combat/assa imo.

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    honestly, you can level as ANY rogue spec. the reason combat was the preferred spec before MoP was because the first 4-6 tiers had a lot of survival oriented talents, like extra parry and dodge.

    but with the talent tree revamp, deadly momentum being a glyph and other changes, you can level as any spec now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feio View Post
    Sub is awesome for lower levels since you will oneshot nearly everything out of stealth with shadowstep in addition. I don't know too much about rogues since I don't play mine much, but low level questing as sub is by far superior to combat/assa imo.
    you don't get shadowstep till 60, it's a talent and every rogue can choose to talent for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nzall View Post
    honestly, you can level as ANY rogue spec. the reason combat was the preferred spec before MoP was because the first 4-6 tiers had a lot of survival oriented talents, like extra parry and dodge.
    Not to mention the lack of positional requirements that were quite cumbersome when leveling with daggers.

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    Shy away from sub for leveling unless you're really comfortable with it. Once things outlive your opening FW, you need to do some fancy work (compared to the other specs) to use your cooldowns, since vanishing will reset the mob entirely. Assassination should provide "comfortable" single target with ease, and combat has the best CDs/cleave, although leveling a rogue I had to avoid pulling >1 mob as often as possible (post-87/88; 85/86 were a breeze as they are on everything) - use what you have the weapons for. Don't forget how to sap, blind, and just roll that recup/SnD with deadly momentum. You may need to eat/bandage on occasion but it should be relatively rare.

    May check out Shadowpanther's leveling guide to see what he has written for the 85-90 journey; honestly I found the dropoff around 88 to be harder on my rogue than anything else I've leveled yet.

    If you're REALLY short on gear, don't forget either the AH or those gear vendors out in each area...

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    I level as combat, habit from when stealth did slow you down and I just wanted to play a spec that didn't require you to open from stealth.
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    Combat use to be a breeze because of Improved Recuperate with 6% damage reduction and passive dodge talents. But those are gone now and you need to be a bit careful in minding your health bar. It was also recommended for its almighty Blade Flurry cleave but that's going to shit soon. The only thing I can think of that Combat has going for it is a stronger Killing Spree, outside of that I'm not sure.

    My advice is to give it a go, you might like it. Otherwise stick to Sub and learn to maximize your Shadow Dance uptime. Until you get better gear you're gonna have to actively contribute to your rogue's survivability and use all of our tool kits available: Dismantle, Kick, Gouge, Sap, Blind, etc. In 5.2 Smoke Bomb will reduce damage taken by 20%, Cloak will be usable every minute and Prep will be baseline (double Evasion), so there's a few more abilities to help you not die.

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    Combat is fine until 87-88. I would not recommend Combat to anyone above that.

    At 87-88, you really need burst to kill mobs and Combat is too slow outside Killing Spree. I would highly recommend Sub, especially in Dread Wastes when you only have ilvl 400 gear. You can only pull one mobs at a time, but Find Weakness is amazing for bursting down mobs.

    Whatever you play, get the Glyph of Deadly Momentum. It is amazing.

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    one word:

    with BoA gear you essentially go from mob to mob and nuke them down, especially the first 80 levels.

    of course you can go with pretty much any spec but leveling is essentially just an endless stream of 1v1s and thus the nuke spec does make a lot of sense over the sustained dps specs.

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    Did it as assa, dungeons and pvp only, worked out nice.
    80-90 was just a couple of days, the 442/450 items you can use on 85 gave me 97% mastery and one-shotting people in pvp = gg me.

    As 85, I also reforged some to hit and exp so lvl 89's where still killable. Even killed 3 lvl 90 players at 86, they paniced and never fought back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adimaya View Post
    one word:

    At lvl 80, you can get itemlvl 409 weapons and at 85, you can get 442.
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    Whatever spec you choose, I would highly recommend taking the "Leeching Poison" talent. It doesn't do crap against raid damage but makes a very noticable difference when leveling.

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    Please ensure you use the "Glyph of Deadly Momentum". Most rogues having problems chaining mobs don't have this super important glyph.

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    best specc for leveling is combat i think

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    Any spec is fine at any point in leveling. Combat has the advantage of a shorter cd sprint and cooldown reduction via restless blades. Combat will also give you more leeching poison healing due to the fact that it does more weapon strike damage than the other specs.

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    I think all specs are easy to level if you pick the right talents. Shadow Focus is arguably the best talent to have when you starting out. I leveled another rogue from 1-30 as combat with this.

    My usual rotation was Ambush > Revealing Strike > Sinister Strike > Eviscerate. Mobs always collapse after Eviscerate and with Glyph of Deadly Momentum you can keep going and going. You feel quite a rush! Now that I've hit 30 I've dual specced as Sub and gonna try out Cheap Shot/Subterfuge combo to see how it works.

    Also since I'm playing on a new server I have zero heirlooms so I'd imagine it's a whole lot faster with. Dammit Blizz give us cross-realm mailing now!
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