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    Question What is the definition of hardcore?

    Hellow Fellows!

    so i've been thinking for awhile what the definition of hardcore is in video-games.

    I consider somon who is hardcore:
    -very skilled
    -plays the hardest content
    -top tier

    but now a days i see allot of people who think hardcore means that they spent lots of time into the game.
    and casual means not spending allot time in game.

    so what is your opinion on this matter does hardcore mean= very skilled(PRO) or does it mean that he/she spent lots of time in gaming
    and the same for casual does it mean=not very skilled(noob so to say) or does it mean they play for just a few minutes?

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    For me Hardcore is anyone who plays whatever type of content PvP/PvE for an excessive amount of time in order to achieve world or server first, generally just to be the best in that area.

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    Hardcore to me is a mix of skill, commitment to the game, and playing the hardest content.

    Commitment often means that someone who's hardcore will spend a lot of time playing the game, but I don't think time alone is a factor to whether someone is hardcore. Someone can be casual and play a lot, for example.

    And this isn't to say that casuals are not unskilled, they can be very skilled. They just aren't as committed to the game as the hard cores.
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    A person who plays alot.

    A person whoes most likely better than others.

    A person who values gaming over other things inn life.
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    A normal person plays for fun.
    A hardcore person plays for something other than fun.

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    For me hardcore just means someone taking who takes what they do very seriously regardless of skill. Many times that comes with a greater time commitment but not always. I believe you can be hardcore about anything even if it's only for one hour a week.

    Quote Originally Posted by Daraiki View Post
    A normal person plays for fun.
    A hardcore person plays for something other than fun.
    Totally disagree. Being hardcore about something doesn't mean you're not a normal person. In fact I'd say almost everyone is hardcore about something in their life. Whether it be job, relationships, or hobbies it's very normal to invest a lot of yourself in things you care about. For some people it may be only one thing and for others it could be several things.
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    Has nothing to do with skill. The term is a measurement of dedication &/or time.

    A "hardcore" Lego Universe player would be understood to have played and play such a game to great degree.

    A hardcore game, or rather play system, is totally dependent on time. That is to say a hardcore game is historically distinguished by the degree of time needed and the punitive systems imposed on one's time/efforts.

    Matters of "skill" and degree of difficulty is as lowly and wrongheaded a preoccupation of gaming culture as immersion or graphical fidelity. To be concerned with those aspects when game play or rule systems are not is a total misunderstanding of game design.

    Hardcore = time investment. Nothing more or less.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitepepper View Post

    Totally disagree. Being hardcore about something doesn't mean you're not a normal person. In fact I'd say almost everyone is hardcore about something in their life. Whether it be job, relationships, or hobbies it's very normal to invest a lot of yourself in things you care about. For some people it may be only one thing and for others it could be several things.
    I think you are misinterpreting other English words with hardcore.

    You can be persistent and show an initiative at your job.
    You can be caring and thoughtful in your relationship.
    You can be devoted and love your hobby.

    The word hardcore is nowadays used mostly in gaming for a person who spends a lot of his time on one specific game, tries to min/max in that game, and generally uses that game to compensate for something like for instance what you listed above job, relationships, or hobbies, so in a way like i said at first a person who plays the game for reasons other than fun.

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    Someone that think pixels are worth something, that rather stay in his basement instead of having sex, and think they are relevant human beings because they know how to press 6 buttons.

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    The definition of hardcore according to is: Intensely loyal.

    In other words; someone who spends a lot of time on gaming. It makes no mention of skill, although it may be likely that someone that spends a lot of time gaming will become better at it.
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    Someone who spends too much time on the game.

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    Call in the casuals, they seem to know it

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    I've always taken it is someone who values a hobby or profession over anything else.

    For example, I've always said that those who put WoW in front of real life to perhaps make sure they're geared to the brim before stepping into a new raid or not going to a family event because they have a scheduled raid/WoW event are Hardcore. Those that aren't willing to do something similar are not.

    Of course, the definitions can vary from person to person and even community to community, but that's how I define someone as being "Hardcore".
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    People who put video games before everything else, this doesn't mean they're the best around.

    An example of putting video games first is Method, the ranked 2 WoW guild:
    "Attendance: During progress our raiding schedule is demanding and it is important you understand this. Our progress raids - that you will be expected to attend - can start very early in the day and end late at night. You must be prepared to sacrifice any real life activities in order to ensure attendance.
    Once current content is cleared we revert back to a relaxed 1900CET raid start."

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    Hardcore is someone who spends most of their time working towards a goal in the game, whether that be world first in raids, top arena rating, all the achievements, all the mounts, all the pets, all characters on their account at 90, etc. Anybody who tries for something that most people don't because of the large amount of time/difficulty of it is considered hardcore.

    Spending too much time on the game is not the only factor of being hardcore, because that would mean everyone who sits in Shrine/org socialising all day would be considered hardcore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Remilia View Post
    Someone who spends too much time on the game.
    This may seem to be a definition.
    Yet... If we look at a game like WoW.. The World's best guilds are clearly defined as Hardcore.... Yet some of the Worlds best raiders for example spend significantly less time in the game than others.
    They log into the game to do their "job". And when the raid is over, they log out again. While they are online though, they achieve much more progress than the millions of other players who spend an unhealthy amount of time in the game ever will achieve at all.
    They even create all the guides and videos, which are then used by all others to try to re-enact these events and succeed too.
    As for WoW, hardcore really is a definition used to express seriousness.

    A hardcore guild is for example very progression driven, and as a raider of such guild, you commit to their efforts beyond anything else. You give up every other hobby or interest outside the game, to fulfill your role in the raid for as many days and hours the guild demands.

    A casual guild however gives a select days to raid, sets time limits for them, and calls it a day at the end point, no matter how the raid does. And to be part of such raid team, you are asked (not demanded) to be present for the raids if possible. And if you can't be there, that's okay too. Just try next time. because raiding very well is just one activity of many in the game of which none is taken any serious, and rather as a fun event of a group of guild mates to spend a bit of time doing something together. Progress in raids is welcomed, yet it's not a neck breaker if the progress is rather slow.
    Social aspect overrules progression.

    And in between those two examples is a countless variety of nuances of guilds.

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    From the Dictionary: "Hardcore - He is a Hardcore Gamer - Is a term to describe a persons quality in gaming. The quality often results from a lack of social life and poor time management."

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    I consider myself a hardcore player that has now gone casual and i'll explain the difference in my opinion:

    When I played wow hardcore I was online alot always doing something to help boost my performance or skill in the next raid I was planning to enter that day/night/weekend/whatever. I'd have my character maxxed in the professions most benefical to me along with a full stack of flasks/potions and other consumables for me and other players in my raid. I'd have reps maxxed out as fast as possible starting with the ones that offered me gear boosts asap to help me get whatever edge i could get for the roll i would be playing. If i hadnt attempted bosses on the PTR then I would have watched multiple videos and broken down the fight so I knew my positioning optimal times to use cooldowns both offense and defensive also would have looked for other niches to help me pull ahead like should i have a rogue throw tricks on me here? or whatabout here? or how bout when I use this cooldown then as it burns out get him to thro it here? or something to that extent. This would continue on for every boss that I could do both normal and heroic also use to consist of me running 10 and 25 man raids on multiple characters specially in the first week of new content to get as much rehearsal as I possible could. Perfecting those high dps moments with pots and lust/heroism with cooldowns was so important it could mean the difference of a 1% wipe. The most important aspect was getting this all worked out wiht everyone in the raid group and getting everyone on the same page to strive for the best possible performance we could give as a team.

    Now I play casual.....I log on i do an lfr faceroll on the keyboard in half pvp gear and dont look at my recount at all and laugh at all the players that are stuck in some mentality that in order to be the best they have to replace this guy in there guild to maximize their efforts because its no way its a team issue its always blamed on one peticular player.

    Needless to say I miss the teamwork and raiding I did in hardcore but I dont miss the time sink and I dont miss the wanna be elitist jerk that once shook hands with someone from paragon at a blizzcon so they now must be the god of warcraft.
    Hardcore was always about the effort put worth with your team in attempt to do your best together and make each other better along the way.
    Casual is logging on and giving it a whirl to see what all the funs about

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    You won't find a set definition.

    You can have "hardcore" players that are incredibly skilled, but don't spend copious amounts of time playing.
    You can have "hardcore" players that play for length periods of time, but are less skilled than the above.
    You can have "hardcore" players that both play for length periods of time and are incredibly skilled.

    People saying it boils down to "no lifers" are little more than trolls, people that are incredibly skilled and take the game seriously, can clear content in a handful of hours on the hardest difficulty that less skilled people may take 3 raid nights to get to and wipe on Elegon normal.

    It reminds me if trade chat when you score a realm first leveling feat, there'll always be someone rambling on about how the person has "no life", when it took them very little time to level up, thus they have more time to spend on their social life than someone who's going to spend hours trudging through the leveling zones over a few days. At that point, who exactly are the no lifers? The ones who can get through content fast, or the ones who are going to take longer and feel the need to throw petty insults at people over what someone else did in a game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightelfsb View Post
    A person who values gaming over other things inn life.
    People can do that without being hard core.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiift View Post
    From the Dictionary: "Hardcore - He is a Hardcore Gamer - Is a term to describe a persons quality in gaming. The quality often results from a lack of social life and poor time management."
    What dictionary would that be? If its the Urban I can´t take it seriously
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