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    What do I spec for after Int?

    Well I guess this has been a debating point for awhile now but I'am still none the wiser.

    I have a Demonology Warlock which is almost 90 so I'am trying to get my stats right so I can get straight into Heroics and Raiding.
    I've read a lot of threads and posts here but nothing seems concrete, just a lot of opinions on whats best for you.

    So does anything back up Haste as the second stat over Int. to stack over Mastery and Crit?
    The Haste cap is 4717 I read here somewhere, is this still correct?

    As Mastery is a dps boost, and so is Crit, I'am really unsure which way to stack as neither seem to have a cap from what I've read.
    Crit seems to come in third but then Mastery is what Dark Soul gives us, not Haste or Crit, and I dont know if the dps boost is higher stacking Mastery over Crit.

    So any help here would be great, like everyone else I just want to maximise my dps as best I can.


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    Read the stickies. Stickes are there for these questions.

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    demo is in a nice place where all secondary stats are roughly equal, and will change slightly depending on your gear. i personally got mastery slightly above haste>>>>>crit, but thats because im aff mainspec. my advice would be to pick a second spec and gear for that, because demo will work with pretty much any reforging

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    This is the initial thread I use to use: mmo-champion.com/threads/1179821-MoP-Demonology-Warlock-Guide-and-First-Week-Gear-List
    When I Googled this question I got sent here: mmo-champion.com/threads/1216462-Haste-caps-for-Demonology
    I cant post full links yet.

    So no I didnt look at any stickies as I thought this would cover my question but no it didnt.

    Thanks for the new link.

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