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    i got destroyers end you silly mop babbys!

    ... heh

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    FoK spamming also won the fight (before they nerfed FoK).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phillyboy85 View Post is obvious Mists of dailies is dull and crappy.
    Stopped reading here.
    Quote Originally Posted by Valerean View Post
    I admire your passion for your favorite character, but If I were you I'd hesitate before drawing parallels between self-perceived societal malaise and how nerds feel about a fictional blob of green pixels created in 2001 by a guy called Chris.

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    ##V (The action of pounding the left portion of you chest twice with your right hand,and then flashing the peace sign with the same hand in order to express exuberation.)

    Anub'arak, we barely knew thee.
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    50 attempts, no deaths. We got to Anub'arak and a raid member was messing around and being stupid (Could tell on Vent they weren't taking it serious) so we killed it at 50 attempts 1 death, that one player cost us the achievement. We never bothered to get it again because it wasn't exactly that important. From personal experience doing it when the content was relevant? It wasn't hard at all, it was a cakewalk.

    Anub'arak himself though? I loved the unit in W3, his voice was pretty badass and I thought the same of it in Wrath when they introduced him.
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    hahhaha wrath babies talking about MoP kids!. Calling MoP crappy while bringing up WotLK. People never cease to amaze me. LOL!

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    the problem wasn't that anub'arak was particularly hard to kill once everyone started getting the gear from ToC or even once everyone became decked out in ICC gear.
    the problem was that you had ONE shot to not die per week.

    the pvp bosses could easily straight out kill someone, and with leeching swarm draining 30% of someone's health every second healers just had to floor it without flooring it to keep everyone alive.

    so all in all there's a reason not a lot of people are riding around on their ponies even though they beat LK 25 HC, it is because that achievement was HARD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phillyboy85 View Post
    learn to read, Anubarak 25hc not Anubarak in Azjol Nerub 5m kid. Of course he was hardest, Twins also was hard but all rest was so easy.
    By arrogantly saying that, you have sealed your fate on this thread. Tanks with shields (Paladins and Warriors) had a big plus when it came to defeating Anub'Arak, especially if they geared for BV (Block Value). Also, a lot of Paladins thrived in there because they had that Undead AoE stun back in the day. Even if you might think all the people here are trying to insult you and bury you in the ground, listen to them. They (obviously) know what they are saying and have more experience than you.

    The raids in TBC were a pain and all the WotLK fights (minus the exceptions) were a lot easier. If you want the proof, check all the world first kills. I remember that the Black Temple went live when the last tier of raids wasn't even cleared. Nobody could even ENTER the new raid because nobody DEFEATED the previous tier of raids. When you compare that to WotLK (which had every raid cleared with ease on normal mode and took them some time to clear the HC), TBC was a lot more complex and harder. You couldn't just farm badges and hop into the last tier of raiding. Not to mention the 5man HC's back in TBC, where people with full raiding gear had a hard time clearing those places.
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    Spiders are creepy. Next time try and leave out your rampant hate and just keep it as a tribute. I felt your tirade about dailies detracted from your main point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phillyboy85 View Post
    learn to read, Anubarak 25hc not Anubarak in Azjol Nerub 5m kid. Of course he was hardest, Twins also was hard but all rest was so easy.
    If you actually knew the fight, you would be able to understand that since he mentioned stacking block he was referring to the raid, since block stacking was one of the main strats for dealing with (iirc) the big adds, since when you blocked an attack, they didn't apply their debuff.
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    Eh, firstly I do quite enjoy MoP, your post got a big negative from me because you opened it with being a douchebag. Praising WotLK, the expansion I feel was by far the worst, didn't help either.

    Secondly, Anub'arak was amazing in Warcraft III, but WotLK cornified him. He lost all credibility as the once wise and mighty traitor king he was and became a very generic underling for The Lich King, both his voice and his lines were taken straight out of a 60s Batman show. "Your armor is useless against my locust!" See what I mean? His fight in Azjol-Nerub was nothing short of annoying and repetive, and his fight in ToC was okay, the chasing impale was cool, but other than that it was a very forgettable fight.

    1 out of 3 amazing characters they butchered in WotLK, the others being The Lich King and Kel'thuzad. Sorry, but I'd rather forget him.
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    I too enjoyed the character Anub'arak from wc3. He was a bigass brute who betrayed his kingdom...what's not to like?

    Then they made him a faceroll 5 man boss, and his subject, Anub'rekhan, was a raid boss. Then they brought him back for one of the laziest tiers of the game. Also it was only the second tier in the game which even had real hardmodes, so you saying it was one of the hardest hms at the time doesn't mean all that much.

    "Mists of Dailies" bosses may not all have the physical history to the player of having been in Warcraft 3, but some of them are definitely harder than Anub, and are definitely more interesting fights.

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    How can a thread dedicated to Anub'arak not have the most important quote from him?

    >8< Spider Pride! >8<

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    Anub'arak was amazing in WC3. A great, strong and wise leader of his people. Its sad to see that he was merely a 5-man boss, and than a raid boss in a raid that just didn't fit him.

    Blizzard probably wanted Anub'arak to be the final boss in the Azjol-Nerub raid, because they orignally wanted to turn the place into a large raid. But since it got scrapped, they still had to use Anub'arak somewhere, and only ToC was left for him.

    Kel'Thuzad deserved a far bigger role aswell. Amazing in WC3, a shadow in WoW. If Blizzard will ever make a WC4, I hope they bring back these characters to progress the lore after WC3: TFT further on.

    R.I.P. Anub'Arak

    I'd trade any current major WoW figure for you, a thousand times

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    Spider Pride

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kralljin View Post
    The Healer had a difficult job in P3, aside from that it was mostly preperation in terms of raid setup, without a Holy Priest or enough Md's / TotT this Encounter was one giant pain.
    Coming from a healer who did it while it was current healing P3 is not even slightly hard if you have an IQ above that of an earthworm.

    I should try and dig up the P3 simulator online...

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    Anub'Arak was fun. Sure, not the hardest boss out there, but still very fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phillyboy85 View Post
    I'm Grand Crusader you MoP kids
    *yawn* grats being the first to clear normal 25 on your server. If you have a crusader's white or black warhorse then you've earned some bragging rights

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    Quote Originally Posted by NatePsychotic View Post
    50 attempts, no deaths. We got to Anub'arak and a raid member was messing around and being stupid (Could tell on Vent they weren't taking it serious) so we killed it at 50 attempts 1 death, that one player cost us the achievement.
    Was this when you could still get the mount? I would've gkicked the clown in a heartbeat for that kinda mess up :x

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    Quote Originally Posted by UcanDoSht View Post
    You didnt raid alot HCs if you honestly think that his HC was remotely one of the hardest. Everything which was hard about this fight could be easily avoided by chain spamming Holy Wrath or using BV stacked shield tanks.

    Hell, he wasnt even the hardest fight in the instance.
    They nerfed it after few weeks
    Time is on our side
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    All the personal insults...this didn't go well

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