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    [H] Magtheridon US <Grumps> 1/6H, 6/6, 3/4 - Need Hybrid DPS

    Horde - Magtheridon (US)
    Website: grum.ps
    New 10-Man Progression-Oriented Guild w/ significant Heroic Experience
    Tues/Wed/Sunday 9-12:00 EST

    - Tier 14: 1/6 Heroic MSV, 6/6 HoF, 4/4 ToES (w/ elite protectors)...didn't start raiding progression full-time until 1/7/13.
    - Tier 13: 8/8 Heroic (Madness kill was 4/26/12 - in past guild that current GRUMPS members came from)
    - Tier 12: 7/7 Heroic


    We are looking for recruits to join as a core members of a 12-person progression roster. We have 1-2 spots left available. Current gear and experience are a large plus, but we will happily look at anybody who has a prior record of successful raiding, even if it wasn't on recent content. If you join, you will absolutely get a chance to raid. We will not maintain 10 "Starters" and an active "Bench;" the goal is to build a flexible 10-man with enough membership (12) to not miss raids if someone can't come, but still get most people involved every night.

    Current Needs:

    ▣ 1 Retribution Pally w/ with viable Holy offspec
    ▣ 1 Boomkin w/ viable Resto off-spec
    ▣ 1 Holy Pally
    ▣ 1 Resto Druid
    ▣ 1 Hunter

    What we expect:

    ▣ Dedicated, knowledgeable players who perform at the top of their game every night
    ▣ People who want to raid in a progression setting, but not at the expense of raiding 5x a week
    ▣ 85%+ Attendance
    ▣ Min/Maxing, including all consumables/enchants
    ▣ Stable computer/internet connection
    ▣ Keeping up with all aspects of your class with each patch and gear change

    About Us:

    Grumps is a Horde Progression Guild on Magtheridon (US). We formed after splintering off from being members (and officers) in one of Magtheridon's current top-2 25-man guilds in order to focus on the 10-man raiding experience. The officers and guild members are all competitive, laid-back (but knowledgeable) players with Heroic/progression experience from Vanilla to WoTLK and Cataclysm. All Heroic content from Ulduar to DS was cleared by the majority of GRUMPS members while it was still current. We started late in T14, but now focus on quick success and downing content.

    While we want to focus on progression, it will not be at the sake of sleep or social lives. Raid nights are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday from 9pm EST to 12am EST (we will push to 12:30 if a progression kill is close occasionally, maybe 1x per month). There will never be more than the 3 raids a week. Loot is distributed fairly via loot council. We provide access to Feasts, but require members to supply their own consumables.

    If interested, apply at www.Grum.ps (yes that's the URL) or Send me a message in game (Battletag Calanos#1409)

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    Grump Bump. Still looking for 1 RET PALLY or 1 BOOMKIN who could, and won't mind, healing on nights where a main-spec heal can't make raids!

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    We would also consider a very strong hunter candidate.

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    Dec 2011
    Are you still looking for that Ret/Holy Pally? Currently I am Holy MS and would rather stay that way but I have tons of experience in raiding. Get at me in game if you want Råyne - altcode 134

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    Updated with 4/4 ToES and class needs. Yes Rayne, we are interested, I will try to catch you in-game.

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    keeping this bumped

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    (Battletag Calanos#1409)

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