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    Post Do You Want Old AV Back?

    Some of you remember the old AV. Back then, a match could go on for as little as 45 minutes, or it could last as long as a few days. There were NPCs, a lot of them actually, some of them hit like a ton of bricks (good luck taking a tower/bunker solo). Of course, who could forget these guys:

    Sure, there was more PvE in the old AV, but there was also a lot more teamwork as well. Hell, I'm impressed if there's any form of teamwork in AV these days other than people shouting obscenities at one another, as well as the, "ALL INNNNNNNNNNN!!!!" spam.

    The old AV was one of the few truly epic aspects of the game that everyone could participate in.

    I would love to the original AV (with all the elites and patrols included) brought back to level 85 (and 90 with MoP) and without the reinforcement bullcrap. Naturally, AV would be removed from the random BG pool, so those only interested in farming honor/conquest points can continue on.

    Or hell, I'd settle for two AVs: classic and modern. The modern AV (the one we see today) would still be in the random BG pool, and would still get a holiday. The classic AV would be something you have to queue separately for (perhaps only in a major city?) and separate from the other BGs.

    So, what do you guys think?

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    I love the classic and modern idea, of course i'd probably stay in classic AV more than anything

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    Very much so! I miss the summoning of the bosses and actual pvp even if the map favors one side (not saying which). Today's AV is all about pve zerging and on the rare occasion that the zerg doesn't happen, then its one side is farmed at a choke in the map.

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    I would very much love to have the proper AV but I think people will only end up doing the same as they do now (ignoring the other team and racing to the generals).

    I only started playing in TBC but I think it was no different in classic. The only difference between then and now is that people would stop to kill the captains, then race to the enemy bases to help kill the Warmasters.
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    Yes please, summoning the bosses (even though they were quite stupid in terms of AI) was so fun, felt like an actual battle

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    Oh yes, Oh god yes please give it back. The slaughter of 20424040 ally running our way as we summon our elemental thing. So much memories.

    Field of Strife = Amazing.

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    Today's AV is just a PVE race. There's barely any PvP involved at all. The only time you're actually fighting another player is when the GYs get taken, and you spawn waaaaay back where you started.

    Most of AV is spent running across the map and spamming buttons on NPCs, it really needs to be changed.

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    Basically, what the game needs is a battleground where we actually do PvP, regardless of any form of rewards.

    The old AV was pretty much it: many players put together in a valley, fighting to death. That was the greatest way to farm HKs. Modern AV isn't it.

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    god yes

    AV was so awesome. I would spend all day in there some days

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    The original AV would be hard to balance, so they would need to come up with something very clever. But yes, I loved the epic open-field battles, and that's why I prefer turtle games in current AV. The feeling you get when someone pops Bloodlust in a push into Stormpike GY...

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    Of course some kind of long battleground, but if there is going to be one, it has to at least be an upgrade. Old AV was great, but as it is said, if you are going to take an idea, at least improve on it.

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    only if they take it out of the random battleground queue :-/

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    Ah, the bridge of doom.

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    The very thought gives me an erection.

    ...What? Deal with it.

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    No. I despise 40 man BG's with a passion, and while I did have some fun back in the day, I wouldn't ever want it back. The game (the PvP part anyway) has come to the point where it's all about control. Back in Vanilla it wasn't that big of a deal, but in the games current state it would be way too messy. It would be impossible to control the enemy team properly and it would just turn into the same zergfest it is now, except with a 12 hour+ duration.

    I think it's fine the way it is now. I always cringe whenever I see the AV loading screen, but it's usually over within a few minutes so I'm okay with it.

    Edit: Aw, that's what I get for not reading the OP properly. I guess I would be fine with it if it's not part of the random BG rotation, but I still don't think it would work in the games current state. (And don't forget that most players don't want to spend their entire day playing a single AV game, they may even like the current version)

    Quote Originally Posted by -Zait- View Post
    Yes please, summoning the bosses (even though they were quite stupid in terms of AI) was so fun, felt like an actual battle
    This I can agree with. It really did feel like a real battle, and that's not something we see in the smaller BG's
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    Old AV certainly had its flaws but it was the most fun. Epic battles and actual PvP, unlike today's PvP where it's basically a PvE race to see who can kill the other general first without any players trying to directly stop them. If they went back and cleaned up some things, like making quest turn-ins less onerous to encourage more NPC reinforcement attacks, or making towers more equal, etc., it could be really good. Throw in a high, but still existent reinforcement limit, and you could have a long game that actually ended and didn't last over 24 hours. But that's probably not happening. Blizzard gave up on AV a long time ago.

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    The reinforcements mechanism has its place, in that battlegrounds should be something that you can join and see through from start to finish within a reasonable time frame.
    However yes for a battleground, very little actual battling or pvp takes place most of the time.

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    Oh hell no, I don't have 12+ hours to play one game.



    Granted, I never played during that time frame of "old" AV. But all of the "glorious" stories that I've heard about it are dreadful.

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    BC-era AV. 30-60 min matches and full sets of NPC turn-ins to add flavour.
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    No, no, no, no. Because then we will remember WHY it had to be changed in the first place.
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