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    (H) Delirium Tremens (10man) 2/16 Heroic - Stormreaver EU

    Delirium Tremens is an international guild that formed on Stormreaver at the very end of Wrath of the Lich King. After months of struggling to find decent players on the Alliance side, we finally had to take the step to move to the higher populated Horde side.

    We do not call ourselves a hardcore guild and don't strive to be the number one guild on the server or expect our members to play 50 hours a week, but when our raid is formed we expect guild members to perform well and our raids to run smoothly.

    While there is no set amount of time you need to play per week, we do expect our members to be highly active.

    Delirium Tremens has scheduled raids for patch 5.2 during progress:

    - Monday: 19.15 -> 23.00
    - Tuesday: 19.15 -> 23.00
    - Thursday: 19.15 -> 23.00
    - Sunday: 19.00 -> 23.00

    After we cleared all the content these 4 days will be reduced to:

    - Monday: 19.15 -> 23.00
    - Thursday: 19.15 -> 23.00
    - Sunday: 19.00 -> 23.00

    What we expect from you:

    - 100% knowledge of your class.
    - 100% knowledge of the raidencounters.
    - 100% prepared with consumables for every raid you will attend.
    - You are not shy to talk on teamspeak.
    - You will attend atleast 3 out of our 4 raiding days.
    - You can accept being benched for more then 1 encounter in 1 evening.
    - You are emo resistant and can take a trollhit without feeling offended.
    - You are a community driven person and strive to help out the guild whenever it's needed.

    What you can expect from us:

    - No drama.
    - A wide core of active players that are willing to help you out when it's needed.
    - Smooth and progressive raids.
    - Even though we started way too late in tier 14 (and neither do we care to clear all the current content of it on heroic ) , we'll be in for the progress race during tier 15 again.

    At the moment we are still looking for:

    - 1 Healer: Restoration Druid/Restoration Shaman/Mistweaver Monk preferred.
    - 1 DPS: Balance Druid/Elemental-Enhancement Shaman/Fury Warrior/Windwalker Monk preferred.

    Don't hesitate to apply or contact us if your class and spec isn't mentionned above. We're always willing to take in good players.

    Feel free to whisper Krystel, Nocton or Orijin for more information or go take a look at our website ( that still needs some adjustments ) : www.deliriumtremens.heliohost.org

    We hope to hear from you soon!

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