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    Hunter knowledge?

    I am starting to level my 85 hunter and am curious where they are in pvp atm...and looking forward to 5.2.
    Specifically in 2v2 and maybe RBG's.

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    Well, BM is doing fine with KFC, as they still have significant burst even after their recent nerfs. All I can say on the subject really, as I mostly PvE on mine.

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    It's good. Although a massive minus comes from the fact BM is pretty much the only viable spec atm in PvP if you wanna take the most out of your game. Since many ppl agree with the fact BM is boring as hell it brings down some fun doing PvP with hunter compared to other classes.

    Here's hoping buffs for MM in 5.2 will be enough (though it doesn't seem so without any unique CDs to MM added into table).

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    BM is currently very viable in PvP. And yes I hope they buff MM in 5.2 to make it viable again.

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    On my Mage they give me nightmares. Uninterruptable heavy damage with great CC's and of course silencing shot.

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