View Poll Results: What's Druid tier looks best?

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  • Tier1: Cenarion

    5 4.17%
  • Tier 2: Stormrage

    11 9.17%
  • Tier 3: Dreamwalker

    9 7.50%
  • Tier 4: Malorne

    2 1.67%
  • Tier 5: Nordrassil

    10 8.33%
  • Tier 6: Thunderheart

    16 13.33%
  • Tier 7: Hero/Valor Dreamwalker

    9 7.50%
  • Tier 8: Nightsong

    9 7.50%
  • Tier 9: Malfurion/Runetotem

    1 0.83%
  • Tier 10: Lasherweave

    3 2.50%
  • Tier 11: Stormrider

    14 11.67%
  • Tier 12: Obsidian Aborweave

    5 4.17%
  • Tier 13: Deep Earth

    2 1.67%
  • Tier 14: Eternal Blossom

    2 1.67%
  • Tier 15: Haunted Forest

    22 18.33%
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    Lightbulb All-time best Druid tier? [Poll]

    Hello fellow Druids and inferior class people,
    With tier 15 coming up (and 15 being the max number of poll options :I) I think it's time for
    one of those cool BEST TIER polls. So, what, out of the current 14+the new 15th, is your favorite tier?

    I'm aware there are actually more than 15 if you count hc/normal//lfr/10/25/horde/alliance things as seperate.
    Just count 10man-25man/normal-heroic-lfr etc. as one tier ^.^

    Also, obviously, there is a challenge set...but like I said, max poll lenght is 15 :I

    All the tiers:

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    Pandaren Monk Tragedia's Avatar
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    I really like that T15 set.
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    Nightsong. No doubts for me.

    The only that come close is T1 (classical, almost essencial druid) and the newest one, for taking totally another road. The rest is mostly just meh.

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    Turns out images are a lill big....oh well, you get the idea

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    Former inferior class here, but I was always partial to Tier 5 for some reason. Simplicity, maybe

    That Tier 15, however, is a very interesting direction to go in. I don't even know if there's necessarily supposed to be a "corrupted" or "decrepit" theme behind Throne of Thunder, but it looks very nice.
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    The Patient Ysoph's Avatar
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    To me, T1, T2, T6 are iconic sets, perceiving the nature of a druid.
    As an opposite T15 - however designed nicely - does not feel very druidish.. Looks more like a drunk warlock which fall asleep in a forest.

    Overall, wotlk sets are weakest, others are great or interested to some extent.

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    Dreadlord ovm33's Avatar
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    I use T6 as my resto transmog set, as to me it seems elegant yet... primal at the same time. It got my vote in the poll.

    I use T4 + Cenarion Expedition Tabard for my Guardian spec. (The set doesn't look right without the tabard though.) I would have voted for it, but for the tabard thing.
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    Bloodsail Admiral Giants41's Avatar
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    T1 looks the coolest IMO
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    No option for Tier 0 / 0.5, Wildheart / Feralheart?

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    The Undying Wildtree's Avatar
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    T1 shoulders are the best, that's for sure...
    The overall though, I go with T8 (10 man)

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    I am Murloc! Balduvian's Avatar
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    Vicious Gladiator set anyone?

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    T4 and T15 imo.

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    Tier 10 was my favorite

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blencathra View Post
    No option for Tier 0 / 0.5, Wildheart / Feralheart?
    Hadn't thought about that for a second...good cal :3 I guess they're technically not raid-tiers but yeh...wouldn't have had a spot in the poll for them anyway though

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    I would have voted for t6 but since I started in cata I only took inconsideration of the tiers I had when they where current.
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    i voted for tier 10 just because it was my first full tier set i had. The mouth on the shoulders would open and close. I may have to go back to my druid now for this new set though, really awesome!

    nevermind, just saw what the t15 looks like on a tauren... =(
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    Stood in the Fire Dreadnor's Avatar
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    its no wonder that warlock and dk are my favorite classes: i like dark, sinister, twisted characters. the villains are usually my favorite characters in movies.
    Because of that, t15 has the most appeal to me.

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    aw Poor Malorne....never seen that one get any votes in any's not that bad imho :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Balduvian View Post
    Vicious Gladiator set anyone?
    I absolutely love the S9 T2 set. I chose T7 because it is the only set that I would keep all the piece if I were to transmog to it. If I could choose different pieces I would choose my PBS transmog of T12 heroic + T12 heroic rogue shoulders + T8 helm.

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    On my troll female druid only tier 4, 9 and 13 are nice tbh. I am using the season 10 set for transmo tho, because I vendored my season 9 set a long time ago

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