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    Headset help

    My mates have started to really complain about my sound in Skype lately, they say it's some kind of noise and they're really not happy with having me in the conversation anymore =P

    Anyhow... The headset I'm currently rocking is the Creative Fatal1ty. It has served me well over the years but it's time to say good bye.

    So.. My "budget" is kind of tight, I would like it to stay in the €50 area. I will use them for gaming, exclusively, since I have some speakers for music. Having wireless would be a really big plus, but it's not necessary. Good sound quality both in and out are key here.

    Anyone having some suggestions? I've been looking at the Corsair Vengeance 1500, but since it's really at the very top of my budget I'm not sure.

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    for that budget those corsair look pretty nice and VERY comfortable according to reviews
    you can always buy fatal1ty again (usb version, HS-1000) or tactic3d alpha/rage and save a few euros
    the detachable microphone on those is a big plus for me
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    I'm currently using the Corsair V1500 and I really like it. I was using a Razer Carcharias and it wasn't bad but didn't fit my head right since I have a small head. The 1500 is snug on the smallest setting for me and the 7.1 surround is nice. My only complaint is that the led rings surrounding the volume buttons is bright enough to serve as a nightlight lol.

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    There is nothing wrong with Creative Fatal1ty headsets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carnfex View Post
    There is nothing wrong with Creative Fatal1ty headsets.
    They're overpriced, has very canny audio and has an obnoxious amount of bass.
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    You might want to check your settings first. Stuff like microphone boost. Mine can go up to +40dB, which is far too high.

    Quote Originally Posted by inux94 View Post
    They're overpriced, has very canny audio and has an obnoxious amount of bass.
    That's just the definition of "Gaming Headset".

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    Yeah, I've actually thought about getting another pair of the fatal1ty, since they're cheap and from my experience they're durable in the sense that with my use they'll hold up for maybe 2 years. However, having tested a headset from a friend of mine I got blown away by the sound quality, and the fact that they removed all the background noise. So I'm somewhat torn apart

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    razer carcharias are really good

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    Plantronics Gamecom 780 I don't have any experience with this one myself but have read/heard good things about it, sound quality should be decent even considering it's a "gaming headset".

    If you can stretch the budget look at the Akg Ghs1 or Vengeance 1500 that was mentioned already.

    Last you should really consider headphones with a clip-on mic.

    Takstar HI 2050 these are only £25.99 but sound quality is much better and compare to many, more expensive headphones.

    you'll ned to add an extra £9.90 for something like a Zalman ZM-MIC1
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