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    LFR: Fun

    Because LFR is almost an insult of a raid dungeon for most people, a lot of people tend to be "sleeping" through it. I saw a rogue that had a healer on follow, and the healer was just jumping in circles with the rogue on follow during stone gaurds. I saw a warrior auto attacking Garjal... I saw a priest using speed feathers to run in large circles around the arena of Will of the Emperor. (no damage / no healing done).

    As a priest healer, I would life grip the highest melee dps on cooldown, this brought some great LoLs after he raged in whispers to me. As a ret paladin, I have been known to HoP the tank to kill the next highest melee dps, (i made sure my dps was right under one of the highest melee). During Spirit Kings, I would make sure to get my cooldowns ready to pop as soon as the raid became hostile towards eachother, and I would try to kill as many raid members as possible during the Ret burst. During DS I would dot the trash next to morchock during the encounter. Great times

    What are some of the funny things you have seen / done in LFR?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylock View Post
    Because LFR is almost an insult of a raid dungeon for most people
    I wish you'd stop trying to speak for everyone.

    As well, I think what you're describing isn't funny at all. Someone doing their job in the raid, trying to both avoid fire and maintain high dps shouldn't be lifegripped out to mess with them, and making the tank immune so the boss kills other players isn't any more enjoyable...for the tank or the dps.

    This isn't a thread that would go well. This is a thread where you'd be bashed for doing rude things to other players.

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