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    Quote Originally Posted by Garian View Post
    You can either:

    1. Complain and hope for change that will never come because Blizz are cheap (seriously don't hold your breath with Blizzard).

    2. Adapt.

    Blizz should give free transfers to everyone now, but to say that CRZ is good because of dead servers is wrong. Those servers should not be dead in the first place, and people should learn how to make friends.
    Combine #1 with #2: unsub and complain in the unsub message about the issue.
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    Probably LFG, but it was completely worth it though. Only a tiny part of the actual population was part of the fabled 'community' to begin with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaelorian View Post
    Good for you. Sadly doesn't count for everyone. I was in a guild in Vanilla that did every raid-type up to Naxx. Meanwhile the guild was filled with people who couldn't play and were carried by let's say 15 people in the 40 man. So I actually needed to go out in the world and make friends. And as such made a reputation and was known across the server even the horde side knew me (be it far less ofc). Ultimately I made my own guild of these people I met during my travels and surpassed my former guild with flying colours.

    And then you have the other type of player that was never in a guild. So if you weren't an active party of the community doesn't mean that it didn't exist.
    So its rather about e-fame for you than about having a family like atmosphere inside the realm you're playing?

    Quote Originally Posted by lolalola View Post
    I can go with such notion, until your guild falls apart for one reason or another or you part ways for one reason or another. This usually happens somewhere throughout the time line. Being in the same guild for 8 years, while it does happen, is rare and exceptional. When the gquit/gdisband does happen though, and you had all those characters in the same guild and on the same realm then it just sucks to move. I know, you should go for your main and leave your alts behind but its rather sad.
    Exactly thats why server transfer and company were introduced. It sucks to move all yours chars, I never moved more than 3 at the same time and now I stick to my main char, still thinking about if I need that farm char on my current realm. I've spent a total of 300-400€ in transfers because the reason why I play WoW is not to make best friends for life-time, but having fun and enjoying the game for MYSELF.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dzudzadzo View Post
    I guess you had a guild where people you cared about never left or didnt changed sides. Quite happy for you but that isnt the norm or the case for everyone else. People leave, guilds disbands or guild need replacements for those who left to keep the guild doing its activities. At times like this it would be wise to be in touch with other guilds or other people on your server to tackle those issues. That is why communities are important.
    Of course people left and we recruited new ones, but I still couldnt care less about what other people doing in their guilds or outside my own. Its a harsh way, but why would I in the first place? Not to sound arrogant, but my achievements speak for themselves and I usually end up in a guild I fit in.

    My last guild recently disbanded and I had to server transfer to a guild who recruited me via wowprogress private msg.
    Quote Originally Posted by Socialhealer
    he wants to play ele shaman but it's always fucked up, so it's a state of permanently insulted, i understand that feeling as an ele shaman.

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    blizzards catering to casuals. (not casuals themselves) blizz always have a choise. but since they're a company they go for the money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galaxtrixias View Post
    The things that hurt the community the most, are the people who complain about stuff taking to much time/ something is only for the hardcore players. It's like "because i don't have 5 hours a day to play, and thus can't use that kind of content, NO-ONE CAN!".. everything is so focused only on casuals, that right now, the hardcore players are being forgotten
    Because the model which focuses on "hardcore" players (I put the term in quotation marks because the top world hardcore players don't usually complain on forums left and right) is not defensible from an economical point of view. You can't spend a huge part of resources into developing content which only a small percentage will see at its release or in a reasonable time afterwards. Games become too expensive to develop for that.

    You will also notice that LFR players aren't asking (beside a couple of trolls perhaps) to remove normal and heroic raiding. On the other hand, some "medicores" are asking for LFR removal.

    Quote Originally Posted by Galaxtrixias View Post
    What they should do, is every patch, add 1 hard raid for 10 or 25 man, but not give that loot a higher ilvl than the normal raids. In that way, the casuals can't QQ about the fact that they can't get better gear, and the hardcore people still get the thrill on downing the hardest bosses..
    Translation: they should spent countless hours designing a raid that very few players would see. It will no longer happen, deal with it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Galaxtrixias View Post
    On a side note, LFD has ruined it aswell. It totally takes away the social aspect of the game, of asking for people to join you group. The spamming in /2 wasn't allways great, but it was alot better than the system is now.
    On my server, it was a gigantic pain in the booty I'm totally NOT going back to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galaxtrixias View Post
    The shitty thing is, right now, everything is build around dungeons.. You can basically level up till 90 while only doing dungeons. It used to be doing quests, and doing dungeons while leveling, just because you got the quests for it. Right now, u spam dungeons to get the the highest level.
    I know people who leveled their toons (tanks or healers generally) entirely through dungeons in BC.

    Quote Originally Posted by Galaxtrixias View Post
    And by the time you hit 60 or 70, and you had to farm dungeons for the blue gear, you mostly did it with your guild anyway. Dungeons used to be something special, fun and social.
    Yeah, especially the part where you had to farm items for Ony attunement... oh wait it wasn't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lolalola View Post
    ...but where is the proof of that?
    That's the problem with all the whiners: they don't even have a basic understanding of economy. -_-

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    Quote Originally Posted by UcanDoSht View Post
    So its rather about e-fame for you than about having a family like atmosphere inside the realm.
    You are missing the point as to why I wrote that. From a selfish pov I needed friends and as many as possible to
    Create a guild
    To have no problems when creating a group for dungeons or raids

    Being nice and likable pays off.

    And now please don't come at me like I was faking being nice. Cause thats rediculous. Point is I had also had a goal with My reputation. It helped me a lot for many years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lolalola View Post
    ...but where is the proof of that?
    in the game direction......?

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    You could perfectly summarize it in one definition:
    The thing that hurt the community (and therefore the game) the most was introducing features that reduced the already present anonymity of WoW pre-3.0 and tried to please the "new type of player" that grew up with instant-gratification games where you get 20 achievements for pressing a random button and post it to your 5000 "friends" etc...

    It includes but is not limited to:
    - LFD
    - LFR
    - CRZ
    - removing the smooth progression curve and later on almost removing progression past max level entirely and letting players jump into top tier immediately because they screamed for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Regalbeast View Post
    in the game direction......?

    Your statement was.

    I would say the Activision influencing Blizzards decisions as a company and turning WoW into a more casual friendly type game.
    B does not follow from A. Correlation is not causation!
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