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    EU West: Whats up with the login que?

    Yesterday i logged in only to be greeted by 12 minute que's. Now since i woke up this morning it's gotten even worse...
    Idk if it's like this on other regions but damn, what the hell is up? >.<

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    You are not alone.

    I have a 1 hour 31 minutes wait time. Right now I am at 1h 22min and it seems to have stopped completely.

    Servers have also some issues.
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    A quick look over at Riot's forums or any red tracker will almost certainly give you an answer, whenever something like this happens...


    Also, large pictures are bad for your health. Thumbnails, please.

    Pro tip: When using Microsoft Paint, drag in the bottom left corner to crop the image. That way you avoid a large image that's mostly white and annoying.
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    i finally got logged in after 20 mins to be sitting in the queue for 11mins for normal 5's before i finally gave up for the night >.>

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    They probably had some server issues.

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