Evolutions resides on EU-Azuremyst and is a horde guild. The guild was created by a group of people from a different guild on June 26, 2012. We created this as we were limited in the other guild concerning raiding and progressing. Since the creation we have moved forward and ticked off lots of achievements.

What do we want?

We want to do progression and have fun doing it. We are not turn into a must raid every night. Of course this is up to every person and also on the availablity of a group to raid. We believe in guildies for guildies and we go a long way for that.

Do we only raid? No. We have a lot of altoholics so if you are just open for leveling, achievements, pvp you are also very welcome.

We have three simple rules we ask guildies to abide by:

1. Most importantly, enjoy yourself!

2. No rude behaviour, treat others as you expect to be treated

3. Don't abuse yourself or any other guildie.

What can we offer?

A good guild with a bunch of utter nutcases. We like fun first and foremost. We help with mog runs, rep runs, etc.

We have our own vent which we use a lot, especially during raid times.

Who are we looking for:

- low level toons to make leveling more fun for other level toons
- ranged toons (warlocks/mages/priests and hunter in that order)
- melee toons are welcome but at this moment we are a melee heavy guild.
- tank toons so us people who are altoholics have possibility to do more than just tank
- healing toons

And the last thing which we consider very important. We want adult people 20+ years old.

Contact us in game ( /who evolutions)

So we can be sure that Evolutions is the best guild for you, all new recruits enter with a trial period of 14 days. If you are happy with the guild during that time and behave well, then you will most likely be promoted to a full member status. Please note that you are not limited to a single or 2 toons from entering. You can enter all the toons on your account if you desire so.