So the other day my buddy and I were talking about LFR and the roll system. We both agreed that it was nice to not see people fighting over a single piece of loot and that we noticed more people actually continuing the raid after killing that one boss that they needed/wanted. However during the discussion I came up with an idea for an npc that I'm curious how the community would feel about such a npc. The npc would be another person with the transmog/reforge/void storage/ upgrade guy (yes I know that building is crowded maybe its time they buy a bigger piece of property with all that money they are making) but he would focus solely on LFR loot. Here's how it would work.

-Do LFR and kill a boss
-Boss gives you a piece of loot
-You realize that hey you already have that piece of loot. (situation 1)
-You realize the piece you just won from the other lfr is almost identical or very close in stats (situation 2)
-You can go to the eternal (or whatever that model is called) and pay a fee of 100g to trade that piece for another piece of gear from the same bosses loot table.

See the thing is regardless of what you try the rng automatically rolls for you even if you have every piece of gear from that boss. That means that currently if you win say a head piece but already have that piece then 1 winning roll gave a piece of gear that will be sold to a vendor. Now you won something useless and someone else got gold. Another thing that could be done with this is that you could get rid of that piece that you didn't need since its not much of an upgrade. It also allows things to possibly run more smoothly because let's say I'm on my paladin but I really want that shield but my tank spec isn't that great. I currently would have to go into prot spec and make the fight last longer possibly or be a wipe just to try and get the piece all while annoying the raid. This way I could be in ret or holy and trade my piece for that shield that I really wanted which means the fight went faster and people weren't annoyed. This also could increase the amount of people in queue as it gives an easier way to build their offspec.

The second idea I had was one where whenever the boss is killed lets say I see I win an item and really I want nothing at all from this boss but the next boss is where I want to get a piece of gear. When the thing saying I won the piece comes up possibly have a second user interface alert come up asking if I want to keep the piece or pass on my winning. If I decide to pass on my winning I am awarded with 56 gold instead of the usual 28 as well as a small increase to my chance to win a piece of gear from a later boss.

So people of mmo-champion what do you think of my idea