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    The fact that you can pick up Blood Horror + one of the other CC's gives you two instant self-peels. Plus lock portal. If you are getting trained by melee all game, just take Howl of Terror.

    Also.. no melee in the game gets an 8 second interrupt. And if you are getting kicked so often, just fake-cast. It's really easy to trick melee into kicking.
    And even if locks are doing meh this season, next season casting a cleanse on anyoen on your team will net you a big 80-90k UA crit + 4 second silence. So looking forward to that.
    The second part of this is why i feel like MLS/MLD will be pretty strong, maybe one of the strongest comps for locks next season. With UA glyph we can put UA up on everyone pretty quick while the mage puts up nether tempest on all targets (unless we're polying someone at the moment). You'll start getting dispels of deep freeze and novas, which will proc UA damage + silence, or you'll oom the healer due to continuous dot ticking.

    Plus this spec helps keep people away from us more due to the insane snares/roots that mages have, which helps with the problems we have with getting trained by cleaves. If you read what Nadagast is saying over at AJ you see that cleaves are the biggest problem he faces at high levels, which I think will still be the problem; living through that first 30 seconds of CDs is what is tough. But, since UA will be putting more damage + a silence out on dispels it may be that slows will be dispelled less often, though pally's freedom will suck still.

    I don't know, there's good moves by Blizz, my advice is to get on the PTR and then give them feedback, hopefully we get another buff or two to survivability. I'm not too worried about our damage, but our survivability sucks.

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    Afflic depends on bombing MG into their kill target for 'real' damage.

    Rogues and DKs are getting buffs, which are two of the classes locks struggled with =z.

    Honestly, Afflictions dependance on MG has crippled my enjoyment of Warlock since MoP launched =(
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yvaelle View Post
    Here's some locks who are or have been rank 1 this season:

    Crazy Cyrillic Letters

    Someone a week ago claimed there were no rank 1 locks this season and even with blood fear they were underpowered, so we found some - at the time none of them had blood fear, which shocked even me - but I'm seeing 3/6 of them have it at the moment - so they're obviously swapping talents around, possibly depending on on what they're facing.
    There are 0, absolutely 0 locks that don't roll blood fear. Count them: 0.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lap View Post
    People complain about their class, been happening since day 1.
    I'd say mages/ele shamans are a lot worse off. I play a warlock, and the deff cds are stronger than they've ever been.
    Then you dont play at high level, warlock survivability is absolutely awful

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