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    Lightbulb Needing help by deciding what class to play in 5.2

    Hello guys

    After a 2 month break of WoW I've decided to come back for patch 5.2.
    Problem is I just cannot decide what class to play so I need some advices concerning some classes.

    I've retired from hardcore playing so I will play now on a casual basis: only LFR's, some pvp, dailies and fun stuff like old achievements, soloing and pet battles. (this has nothing to do with classes and stuff. I know I know!)

    These are the classes I want to play but cannot decide which one:

    ROGUE: This used to be my main. Played this toon for 4 years or something. Already have decent gear on this one, about ilvl 490. Have some heroic progress on it. But I just got terrible bored of the class in 5.0. I'm willing to pick my old main but I'm afraid I'll get bored of it again very quickly.

    A SOLO CLASS, MONK OR DEATH KNIGHT: I used to run old raids on my rogue. I was pretty decent at it but I want something that last's longer, something that doesnt die so quick. So a DK or Monk comes into my mind. Problem is that I'm afraid of being bored again playing a melee.

    A RANGED CLASS: MAGE OR WARLOCK: So as I'm tired as playing melee, i'm thinking of taking a caster. Problem is I can't do much fun stuff like soloing old raids because clothies are just too squishy.

    A HEALER: SHAMAN OR MONK: I'm also interested in going back to my healing roots. These two are the only healing classes I havent played with in a raid environment yet. Both of them are already lvl 70.

    I'm happy to listen to your advices, insights and stories. I'm really willing to pick anything up of the above classes.
    I know classes are all about personal preferences but I just need some opinions.

    Please help me out of this faltering problem!

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    Seems like a monk would suit you best. That way you have the option of soloing as BrM and if you get tired of it (as you fear) you can always switch to healing, which you also had interest in.

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    All classes you presented above are and will be good in the upcoming patch. I see you like to play on a casual level while running old dungeons. I would recommend you either a dk and go blood ( way shorter lfr wait times, best solo class, looks cool and has nice transmogs ) or you could pick a monk. I decided to level monk and I have to say that some old items look incredible on the pandaren monk. You can solo pretty much every raid and dungeon even as Windwalker up to wtlk and a few cata dungeon / raid bosses. I presume brewmaster is easier for soloing harder content.
    In the end, try to pick a class you enjoy and like....for the looks and appeal , not for the skills or if it's fotm.

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    I love my Monk, but that is my personal preference.

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    Hello, I was in the same spot you are in, and luckily the classes are similar!


    I loved my rogue for the five years I played it, but once I took a step on the other side; things changed! Unfortunately it has been stated by Blizzard that, while they want the three specs to feel different, it is not on their list of things to do for the time being. Whether that means next expansion, or 5.3, I don't know, but it is time to move on!

    Death Knight

    Leveled one, never played one after hitting max. From a pvp perspective Unholy will be getting some buffs, and Frost is the current go to spec. Blood can be played if you want to FC....etc. For soloing Blood DK is imo still the best.


    This is what I meant when I stepped to the other side. Monks are AMAZING! However, it is either a love it, or hate it sorta deal. You have Windwalking for melee dps/soloing, Brewmaster for tanking/soloing, and Mistweaving for healing! All in all, I would at the very least give this class a whirl, and see if you like the way they play.


    The bane of my existence. While I slap nearly any mage/lock silly in pvp, the play style is not for me, I prefer close and personal . For mages they seem to be flip flopping between frost & fire for best spec every other patch, and warlocks have three solid specs with three very different play styles.


    I am currently leveling one myself, and am enjoying it. As a shaman you get melee dps, caster dps, and healing. While I don't know how well they can solo, I have been able to drop rare spawns at 85 without skipping a beat as enhancement.

    In conclusion.... try out monk, and shaman for a mix of everything. Also you may want to consider a warrior if you wanted to get into melee, and second wind will keep you alive through most solo raids.

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    I find it interesting that you didn't list hunter, which is great at soloing and is also ranged.

    From the classes you mentioned, I would say monk is your best bet, and if you get tired of melee, go tank or healer. always something to do
    I don't think this matters nearly as much as you think it does.

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    Go priest. The shining light of excellence in the dreary world of gray mediocrity.

    Or if you insist, try WW monk, they are not very exciting, but very powerful.

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    Why not just play whichever class you enjoy playing the most?
    when all else fails, read the STICKIES.

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    DK are mindlessly boring, Frost is too spammy with 2 buttons, Blood was left behind when tanks got active mitigation (they had it before and nothing changed while for example Brewmaster monk have a lot higher skill cap). But I suggest a warlock, it's moving-friendly unlike mages (so you wont really have to adapt that bad when coming from melee), they get fel fire in 5.2 and a lot of love in MoP. However, be mindful that after each wipe you're gonna - eat, summon pet, sacrifice pet, make healthstones, buff with dark intent and soulstone tank/healer probably. Not to mention summoning people. It can get tiresome after weeks of progressing.

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    You're welcome to browse the class forums to discuss each class individually but "Help Me Choose My Class" threads aren't allowed here. The question is too subjective and the decision is only yours. We can't decide for you; you need to do the work yourself.

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