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    Active Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

    As the beta phase for games begin, it is important that the Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) are enforced here on MMO-Champion, and our users are aware of what breaks these NDAs and what doesn't. Please refer to the posts below and be aware of what you may or may not do if you've been selected to participate in the beta testing for ESO.

    Games with Megathreads currently under NDA:
    • None

    Just because a game is added to this list does not mean the beta testing phase has started.

    If you note the underlined portions (underline emphasis added by our moderators), you'll see that you are not able to announce that you've even been selected. As such, we'll have to ask MMO-Champion users to refrain from discussion or remarks that would violate this NDA. If you see any posts that do violate the NDA, please use the report post function in the bottom right corner of the offending post, or send a private message that includes a link to the post to any of the Video Games Discussion moderators (llDemonll, Azuri, edgecrusher, Sj, Remilia) or to any other moderator so the message can be removed as quickly as possible.

    TL;DR: You are not allowed to post about:
    • being selected to the beta (unless specifically stated otherwise)
    • naming others who have been selected to the beta if previous bullet point applies
    • links to leaked beta content
    • information about the game not released by the developer first
    • veiled comments that could be construed as "beta information"
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