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    Elder and Lesser Charm of Good Fortune 5.2

    Hello there!

    I have a question about these Elder and Lesser Charms. I know that there are going to be new "Elder Charms" for the new raid, but I want to ask what is the best to do with them at the moment. I heard that Lesser Charms will be used to get the new "Elder Charms", but will they be wiped out in the release of the patch or not? Should I just use all my Elder Charms now for what I find useful?

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    What you are able to spend the current "extra roll" quality charms on doesn't change post-5.2, so the existing ones you have can be spent on whatever. However drop rates on LFR loot is supposed to be increasing in 5.2 (likely for charm rolls as well) so if that's where you spend your charms, you could consider saving them. Up to you, ultimately.

    Much of the information on the new "Elder Charm" (Mogu Charm of Good Fortune, or something) remains unknown, I think. I haven't been on the PTR yet, just going off of news/Blue posts. We know it will be purchased with the current Lesser Charms (though not at what amount spent/received), and that it will be used on 5.2 raid encounters. No mention of lesser charms being wiped with 5.2, but it is extremely unlikely as many still have a large stockpile from dailies - and considering the vocal majorities dislike of dailies Blizzard has heard, there would be outright rage all over the forums if all those charms just disappeared.

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