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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackmist View Post
    Well, it's too late for WoW, but it's an interesting point.

    Having to make modifications to items reduces the excitement somewhat when you get them. It's one of the reasons that adding sockets to items and enchanting were taken out of Diablo 3 before release.

    But if you chop out gear upgrades, can you then chop out gear entirely? It's not like it really adds anything to the gameplay. It's the motivating factor behind most game activities, but it doesn't really add anything once you have it. Sure, the numbers will be slightly bigger, but that's it. A new item doesn't make your rotation more fun. Gear is something a lot of games add in to give the player something to do, but it's a gimmick to extend the same couple of hours of gameplay over several weeks. In WoW's case, years.
    No, you can't. Enchanting and Gemming are for the most part silly maintenance things, gear progression is important in PvE as it both rewards time invested as well as making content easier the more you do it.
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    I'd like it removed, solely because of the massive amount of costs that goes into epic gems/weapon enchants. I want to do what I enjoy to do, not grind gold to be able to enchant/gear my gear...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Granyala View Post
    Item spiral in general is dumb in PvP. PvP should be about skill not time invested. GW2s "auto max gear in BGs" is quite an interesting concept.

    PvE is a different matter and needs a gear progression system or motivation falls to zero as soon as the raid is cleared. See Guild Wars 2.
    Indeed, it would be an interesting concept; auto-max gear, and then making the gladiator sets equivalent to the Challenge Mode sets - vanity upgrades based on milestones achieved.
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    I would, most of my gold income comes from enchanting.

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    Why would anyone miss it? It's nothing but a chore and a bit of theorycrafting.
    On the other hand, it kinda looks good if there's more green text on your gear due to socket bonuses. And I guess if you removed it you'd take away a fair bit of roleplaying too. I like the idea to enhance my gear further with precious gems and magical enchants. I'm not sure, but thinkings about the damage it would do to the economy and the fact that I make a lot of money due to Jewelcrafting and Enchanting for now I'd like it to stay.
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    I would not, and while we're at it delete Hit/Expertise and Reforging. Being able to just equip a new upgrade the moment it is acquired would be awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eschaton View Post
    From GC's twitter feed someone made this comment:

    to which GC replied:
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Ignoring the damage it might do to professions, would you miss gemming and enchanting?
    The important bit is the thought experiment of what that might do to professions? I'll admit that gearing choices can be a bit overwhelming these days unless you're simply working off of a BIS list.

    For me personally, this is the most interesting thing to pop out of GC's head in a while assuming that it's something that is in the back of his mind.

    So, what do you think?

    I laughed soooooooooooo hard.

    How fark is there too much choices/decisions to make ?

    Wow talents, gear, spec has become so damn boring, dull,mindless. what choices ?....... primary stats, secondary, little juggle if at all for hit/exp so forth, yeh real hard.

    yep Id miss it, I make 1 million gold per quarter from jc/chants.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perryn View Post
    in order to min/max for the correct stat weights?

    if all personal touches are to be removed
    Correct? Personal? Which is it?

    Simply removing both systems with no replacement would not be a solution, but in their current iteration it is very much "do what the internet tells you" and very little about personal or customisation. I really would put aside the profession part of it for this discussion - professions can easily be adjusted to give stuff for the new replacement mechanic or improved version of gemming/enchanting. It's a separate thing to be solved after.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xeraxis View Post
    If by customization you mean, doing what is optimal otherwise you're doing it wrong, then yeah I agree they do offer quite a bit of customization.
    Quote Originally Posted by DarkSavior View Post
    I would not, and while we're at it delete Hit/Expertise and Reforging. Being able to just equip a new upgrade the moment it is acquired would be awesome.
    I did not read all 11 pages of replies but things like this....and the ones calling for removing hit/expertise, I do not understand.

    There will always be an "optimal" way of doing anything, unless they take out stats altogether and completely hide the math behind the scenes. Is that what you all want? A piece of gear drops that says "Warrior - Protection". I bet soon after there would be posts calling to get rid of the "protection" part ("It's so lame, why should I need different gear for dps and tanking, I mean when I put a shield on I should be able to block!!!")

    The game is easy enough!
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    imho, i would leave only weapon enchants with some interesting effects, not just "X agi chance on proc", and metagems with "+%something +%some other effect".. Other enchants and gems are just pure maths and number boost than a choice. If they want to follow the trend of the talent system, then give us something that can be swapped around with more meaning.

    I would be more interested in getting 2 helms to slot with 2 different metagems to swap around for different fights, or slot/unslot gems (like in diablo, with a cost) to allow changing metagems. Then i would choose depending on the fight whether i want "more stamina and chance to dodge increased" or "more agility and more haste %" (for example) or they could think even more interesting things.

    edit: about trading profits
    To make professions still valueable, enchanting will have to be provided with more weapon enchants with different effects, maybe even 1h+shield enchants combo for tanks or 1h+offhand for healers.

    JC can still provide metagems and allow them to make more interesting rings and necks (with design dropping from raids for example)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xeraxis View Post
    If by customization you mean, doing what is optimal otherwise you're doing it wrong, then yeah I agree they do offer quite a bit of customization.
    'The optimal' thing to do can be different all the time.
    Yesterday I got called out during LFR because I enchanted, gemmed and reforged for Mastery.
    The guides tell us that we need spirit for raiding and that we should focus on that stat.
    People were actually calling me bad because I (LFR-only raider) was quite content with my mana-regeneration (never oom while still being top-HPS) and thus went for more output with Mastery.

    I was really pissed off with that, because I:
    -am always using the correct spell.
    -never run out of mana.
    -raided in topguilds since TBC.
    -was considered as the best healer during those days.
    -spent hours and hours on reading guides and tactics.

    But that $^%&^ dared to call me bad because I didn't obtain too much spirit.


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    I wouldnt mind never seeing Meta gems again, while I have enough Gold for Enchants and those gems, still retarded expensive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    I would miss it. I like gemming and enchanting to get that last bit of stats, or to adjust your secondaries. Depending on haste levels, for me, gems change. Plus they change as my hit/exp caps are reached so I swap out gems to make my gear more efficient.

    What I'd like to see is more variety of enchants that allow you to pick the right one for your spec instead of getting something mostly worthless but used so you're not "missing an enchant".
    I whole-heartedly agree with this opinion. Enchanting and gemming offer the joy of a slight tweak to secondary attributes. It's not much but it's not nothing as well. And it could be worked upon to become more involving. Offer more initiative and choice. Things that are somewhat not as interesting or important don't need to get scrapped. They can instead get improved.

    Which also goes for the blasphemers (just jokking, don't get offended!) that want racials to be removed! I want more of them, and more powerful. Abilities that are important, not just passive buffs or weak cds. Some may be a bit overpowered or underpowered but then the game has always been like that and we still play. And it will become more fun that way, and to me fun>>>>balance.

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    I'd miss them both. I like the fact that i can use it to customize my character to whatever I need, also makes it easier to hit certain caps.

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    Most professions seem to make some crappy first-tier gear and one permanent consumable... except JC and enchanting. I could easily see JC dropping to just metas and enchanting to just weapon enchants(hopefully with more diverse and customizable weapon enchants each expansion). BS would then make an enchant instead of a socket. Simple, not much different from now, removes most gearing headaches, and would make profession money-making closer to equal with the exception of inscription.

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    Too many choices? As if everyone doesn't just follow a guide on what to gem/enchant and websites or addons for reforging. The way it is now you could either argue there isn't much choice so it isn't too complicated to get rid of, or since everyone just does the same why even have it.
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    Removing gems/enchants would be just another step in streamlining the game after reforging and making mandatory/spec defining talents baseline.
    Honestly, with the direction the game is moving in, this would only make sense.

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    Yes, it removes a part of the costimization i got.
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    I would, a lot.

    Gemming and enchanting gear usually requires interaction with other players. Removing it would even further push game towards a single player game with random strangers running around.

    It is also a major factor when inviting other players in group. If you see someone without gems/enchants, he doesn't care about his gear and most likely will perform poorly even if his gear is awesome. If someone has bad gear, but it is fully enchanted/gemmed it means he's trying, so he'll probably try to do his best.
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    Meanwhile ...

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