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    I don't mind gemming and enchanting but I'd hardly miss it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FleckerMan View Post
    Correct? Personal? Which is it?
    Both, of course. While theorycrafting may indicate a given stat priority on your typical standstill encounter (or typical mobile encounter), playstyle, encounter design and personal preference may skew the priorities. Do you go for next haste cap or stick at crit? Do you go all stamina or for avoidance? Do you prioritize regen or throughput?

    There's no discrepancy between the term correct and the term personal, it boils down to how you personally decide to solve the task at hand, and in that objective, there are many ways to the goal.

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    The gems are not very interesting. You either use the right ones, or you're not even helping yourself out.

    I'd rather they include some proc based stuff that was maybe akin to the talents, weird utility stuff. Boot gem slot that has a chance to do some weird movement effect, glove enchants that give you an attack ability, w/e.

    Would I miss it? No. Gems/enchants take up 5 minutes of my time when I go to the AH. After that, they're just throwaway.

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    I would. I like the little extra customization. I especially like it when I get gear that doesn't have optimal stats on it- can gem and enchant to help make up for it until I get better pieces.

    I can see how it's really annoying and expensive for some, I guess I'm just so used to it.
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