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    How much of what has changed/added do I see before level 50?

    So hello there.

    I only played Rift a few days after release and managed to get to level 25. I know think about resubbing for some time, I already red about much of the stuff, like instant adventures, dimensions etc.

    My question, how much of those things do appear before level 50? What about the solo/duo dungeons? What about Dimensions? How oftern do rifts/invasions happen? I remember they happened extremely often on release, but I am pretty sure they don't happen that often anymore.

    Also, I saw there is now a help for the skilltrees. Can I actually skill like this to get a decently skilltree in the end and be viable?

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    Instant adventures begin at 10 and are the fastest way to level a character. It's a bit tedious in the long run, but it's faster than traditional questing.

    Likewise, you'll see dimensions around 10 as well. You won't be able to do that much with them until you're higher level and start acquiring items to put in it/getting enough cash to purchase items for it.

    Solo/duo dungeons (chronicles) you see at 50 (worth a runthrough of each one once for the experience), and there is currently one solo dungeon available at 60.

    Rift events/invasions are much less common in the lower level zones since there aren't the players to support full zone events. That's not to say there are no rifts/footholds ect. though, there are absolutely rifts about for you to close down.

    For the pre-built trees, they're almost all viable for leveling and casual max level content. They're super functional, and a good baseline for you to build from and tweak.

    Can't think of anything else that you would experience pre-50 off the top of my head, it's mostly standard fare. You can mentor down now to do lower level content while still getting experience ect. but that's something that you won't really need to worry about (it happens automatically in instant adventures but other than that you shouldn't ever really mentor down).

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    Pretty much everything has changed since release, for the better.

    Instant adventures are available from level 10 and are arguably the quickest way to level, though if you level through IAs exclusively, you'll probably be bored to tears. Your first dimension is available as soon as you get to a mail box. I've written step-by-step guides to obtaining your first dimension for both Defiant and Guardian. Just click on either faction to be taken to the guide.

    The solo/duo dungeons are called Chronicles and they're not available until level 50. Invasions and zone events are very regular. Perhaps not as regular as on release as they trigger depending on the amount of people in the zone, but still quite regular. At the time of writing this there are several available on my shard, in Silverwood, Ember Isle and Cape Jule.

    Most, if not all of the soul trees have been overhauled since release. There is also now pre-built soul trees for every class and spec, known as "Calling Purposes." These are generally fine for levelling but for end-game content you may want to look for a better spec as the souls change with each patch and the pre-built ones may not.
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    New since launch pre-50:
    • Fishing & Survival skills (I think these are auto-granted now)
    • IAs
    • Ember Isle (technically - you can only go there at 48)
    • LFG, Guild Banks, several new Warfronts (for PvP)
    • Wardrobes
    • Guild experience
    • Lots of other gameplay enhancements

    Storm Legion stuff prior to 50:
    • Dimensions
    • New soul per calling (tactician, stormcaller, defiler, the warrior one)
    • Level 25 guilds (and perks)

    At 50, you get access to the Chronicles (1- and 2-man instances). The gear is pretty dated in them nowadays (at 48 you should be doing SL content). Also, classic Expert, Master Mode, and Raid instances are no longer in the path to progression - at 50 you'll be queuing for the first of the 7 new 5-man instances released with SL.

    SL rifts scale to the number of players in the area - mobs become harder to kill, and/or more of them spawn (depending on the type of rift). I'm not sure that this behavior trickled down into the old world, but as per Ziddy, there's a certain amount of awareness with regards to the number of people playing in a zone to how often events trigger. That said, the zone events have been softened since release, with planar mobs accruing a debuff pretty rapidly after the events end that increases their damage taken. It makes clearing the leftover mobs from NPC quest areas a whole lot easier.

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    Okay, thank you for the information. Sounds much better then release. I will probably try it out again (even if only for a month).

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