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    Heres a tip. Stop coming to MMO-champ!

    Jokes aside, perhaps you just miss the game? I unsubcribe quite frequently when I get bored, and I am currently waiting for 5.2, but I don't need to play WoW, I just play lots of other games I love to play, hang out with others etc
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    I haven't played for almost a month now and got the urge to play a couple of days ago. Logged on, realised that I'm not having any fun and just logged off again. Problem solved I guess

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    I can totally relate. I've quit for about one year. A full year without WoW. Maybe my downfall was (to start again) that I kept lingering on my own guildforum. I kept in contact, gave advice to my officers (who took over from me when I quit) etc. We also met in Real Life during that year.

    And when MoP came out, I tried it again - it began with just one day of play. Now I am playing almost every day again. Not raiding, just doing my dailies + heroics + LFR.

    My guild raided again. This time without me. And that didn't feel bad though. I can live perfectly fine without raiding. Still I feel drawn and a little obsessed about the game. Though far less then I used to do. I try to control it and do not neglect my "duties" in other area's. But I know my obsession/addiction isn't far away and far from over.

    Still I feel that I did quit. As long as I don't raid - I know I've quit. I mean there are other games outthere that have similar stuff towards what I am doing now. I act ingame a lot like I would in Skyrim. But vs Skyrim, I am now with my guildbuddies whom I played with for 5/6 years (some close to 8).

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    I made a thread about this subject a month ago

    I think if you have the kind of personality that get's addicted to things easily, you'll be stuck in WoW nostalgia for years like me. Either that, or you'll eventually start playing again/start another MMORPG to fill in the void left by WoW.

    I personally have 40+ consoles/handhelds, some old Commodore and Atari computers and a gaming PC, thousands of games and I'm unemployed so I spend most of my waking time on the internet or playing video games but the fact is that WoW (for most people) is also a social thing with interaction with other people, so singleplayer console and PC games simply haven't made me forget about WoW. Most online games that aren't MMMORPGs dont have much casual social interaction (=unrelated to the game) and they certainly haven't got communities like MMOs do, so you dont have time nor reason to bond&socialize with people you'll never meet again in a hectic FPS game.

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    This is why i left WoW. Did the clac after realizing I'd been playing for 6 years. Among the monthly fee, the actually game. The expactions, the server transfers(WHICH COULD BE FREE), The Faction change, and race change (ALSO COULD BE FREE) I have spent well over 1300$... Done with WoW

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    Don't replace one game addiction with another: go outside and play!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PSTFTW View Post
    I dont know if there are that many ex-WoW players who still lurk this forum, but I assume this is the biggest wow community/forum on the internet and thus the best place for a thread like this.

    So any other ex-WoW players out there who are unable to get mentally and emotionally over WoW? I quit playing WoW back in early 2010 and after that I played on a couple of private servers for few months in early 2011 but after that I haven't touched the game at all but still I think of WoW almost daily. I view old screenshots, watch old PvE, machinima and PvP videos, read old threads on abandoned forums, read the comment sections of many youtube WoW vids etc.
    I've even got an imaginary WoW guild that I like to think of, I've come up with backstory and personality for a number of different folks who play in this imaginary guild, and I've tried imagining what kind of PvP vids they could've made during different time perioids (D1, T2, T2, S1, S3/Isle of Quel'danas etc)
    Often when listening to music I start imagining in my head how the song I'm listening to would fit on a PvP/PvE video and there are a lot of songs that trigger a certain WoW memory in my mind when I hear them, because I used to listen to that particular song a lot back in vanilla/TBC. Certain song reminds me of leveling up in Arathi Highlands, another one reminds me of World PvP in BRM/SG/BS and so on. For the past two years I've listened to a lot of the songs of those early TBC Nihilum PvE vids (Magtheridon/TK/SSC) and nubcake news' Kungen/Nihilum parodies

    Reminiscing old times is often a very bitter sweet experience, makes me feel very wistful and "empty inside", knowing that those times will never come back. I have no intrest in playing MoP, private servers dont feel the same and I dont want to start another MMORPG just so I could "forget" WoW, I'm through with MMORPGs. I'd like to get over the whole game (but still watch old vids/screenies&listen to the OST every now and then) but it feels like I just stop thinking about WoW.
    Any one else here who feels the same way? Is there any way to get emotionally over one's affection for WoW? Any Ultima Online/DAOC/Everquest veterans out there who are still longing for the past after all these years? Is WoW simply
    just something that will be a part of us for as long as we live, like happy childhood memories?

    I was going to post this message a few days ago, but I thought it would be more fitting to wait since it's 16.1.2013 today (6 years from the launch of TBC)
    While my experience is not the same. I don't imagine a guild that I created etc. I do have at times an empty feeling. That feeling does go away when I look at my girlfriend she fills my emptiness. So if you don't have a partner, go find one

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    I always had urges to come back,but whenever I did ended coming back,I stopped again after like a week or so.
    So either find something to replace WoW that it won't give you that urge to get back. LoL did that for me,it's funny because I always hated RTS games like that,but look at me now,don't even have urge to get back to WoW.

    And @Medanielle, where did you get this idea that he's addicted to WoW or anything? maybe it was just a time filler for him when he was bored and now when there's no filler when he feels bored he get this urge to play WoW again.
    Anyway just try to find something else that would keep you mind of WoW,like other game or maybe some activity etc.

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    Usually playing other games that are relatively similar and just trying to play when you feel like you want to play WoW works for me... Just try to focus on other games and maybe you'll get sucked into those a little more

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    You honestly can't fill the void once you've quit wow. I'm sure everyone compares every other MMO they try to wow, which doesn't help either. Myself and a few friends have quit multiple times, but always end up coming back. I don't play it constantly, I've got other games I enjoy playing too, but always raid and pvp when I need to and want to.

    I don't think there is anything you can do to stop the urges to come back to wow unless it's something that actually takes control of your life. Such as work, or family or something. Don't quit a game and then play other games in the space where you would be playing wow. It just simply doesn't work.

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    I can totally feel where you are coming from. I've quit a couple times now and I can say that there really isn't any other MMO out there that is going to fill the gap left by WoW. Now I'm not saying that the other games on the market aren't good, there are some that happen to be pretty damn awesome. It's like putting a square peg into a star shaped hole, it may fit, it just isn't going to fill out all those places that the original peg did.

    Personally I quit because I wasn't satisfied with how I fit in with my current guild, perhaps I was aiming to high when I joined or maybe it was just that I never really felt like I belonged. Since I started playing, three weeks before BC launched, I was in pretty much three guilds for any meaningful amount of time. My first two were both one year plus each, I really felt like part of the guild. However the last one I just never really got back to that place like I did with the previous. If I could find that type of place again I would start playing again no doubt in my mind.

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    I played for 8 years and tried to quit multiple times near the end of expansions and always found myself returning within a week.

    However after forcing myself to play cataclysm and then mop I finally quit about 2 months ago after realizing every aspect I enjoyed of the original game was gone.

    The warrior I made in 2004 no longer feels like the same character
    Raid sizes have shrunk to a quarter of their original size.
    Majority of Raid bosses are now slapped together with an existing skin and no real story to make them feel the least bit important lorewise.
    The sense of community is gone from pvp.

    To be honest about the only things that are even wow related that still interest me are Fan made artwork and machinima because the fans tend to actually polish their products to a point that just makes the people blizzard hire look like 2nd rate hacks who don't even put effort into doing it right.

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    Well this game is addictive.

    I play.. Feel alone and bored.. I left.. I come back for who know why.. Its just circle don't worry with that

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    You know what, from the sounds of it, people like the op, and even you Genn, are weak willed like the rest of us, but think you can rise above it, when clearly you can't.

    Your trying to replace wow with other games to help with the gaming habit you feel? It costs as much to buy new games as it does for a monthly subscription, maybe even more. And the fact you are trying to replace it in the first place means you are not able to.

    I don't even bother playing other games, save the occational app game or offer for a pc game. I don't own a console and don't care about buying one, since I get all the gaming entertainment I need from ones like wow or skyrim.

    Just give in a play like the rest of us, when the day comes your so bored you stop playing, it;ll happen.

    God, I was a fanatical comic book fan for years, I spent every bit of money I had on comics and even had a monthly subscription with my local comic store. Eventually I got fed up with the comics, the direction of the stories in it, the cost, and I just gave it up, so it happens. But forcing yourself to come off something when you clearly are trying to fill in the void after means your not over it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malkazam View Post
    Well this game is addictive.

    I play.. Feel alone and bored.. I left.. I come back for who know why.. Its just circle don't worry with that
    Ironically, I haven't felt more in touch with people I know then I have being online with them playing wow.

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    I hear the "I miss Vanilla/ BC" story quite a bit. What ppl miss in my humble opinion is the cherry high, the new car smell, the scent of fresh cut grass. Wow is old, the engine is old and the whole premise of the game is extremely repetitious. I can understand a true blue Vanillia/BC fan missing certain mechanics or aspects of the game. To be honest I wish I played in the first xpacs; I stepped on board at the beginning of WOTLK. But, the fact is, even if WOW is limited or not what it used to be, there aren't a lot of games out there that can provide the newness WOW did.

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