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    Sunsong Ranch is my second favorite place to just hang about and relax in-game.
    Clearly your not on an unbalanced/balance pvp server, I am constantly ganked there (and gank others) round the area, really really fun. Certainly not a chill out zone by any means :P

    Personally I think the farm will continue in some form or another next xpac possibly with player housing and some sort of an option (possibly with phasing) to visit each others houses and go from there. Maybe theres 2 potential house spots all over azeroth per zone and you can have your house there + a farm in a major city, that way you can take your friends (when your the leader of the group) to chill at your house. Don;t know how it would work but certainly see it coming together
    Originally Posted by Zarhym (Blue Tracker)

    We're confident the .01% left will be thrilled to attend a post-apocalyptic BlizzCon.

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    Hopefully in next farm incarnation, your hired farmhands DO something... instead of wandering around like fat drunkards that they are.

    "I'm not your friend, you are just one more reputation bar to fill, now kill those rabbits on my farm!"
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    Yeah, let them work for us for a change, lol. I agree I would like to see the farmhands actually do some actual work on the farm.

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    Maybe we'll have new farm on new continent, or just teleport to back Pandaria for that farm

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