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    Building Rogue UI (step 1) tukUI - need help with frames,

    imageshack.us/photo/my-images/405/beztytuucnr.jpg/ (i cant add images yet)


    i need help with some things in "red color"

    1. HP BAR - i want to make it green + add some info: hp in % + hp in numbers something like that : [ 15000/2000 75% ]

    2. Energy bar -make it bigger (unit it with black under it); i was considerinf iceHUD but i need ui as light as it possible

    3. lookt at 1 and 2

    4. nvm... its late and i did with it what i want

    The goal is to build very light UI and clean. Im considering to use PowerAuras for combo/anticipation points - but im open mind for different sugestions ( meybe ComboPoints will do the job). Above TargetOfTarget there is space for ONLY MY (rogue) timers, other buffs/debufs will get another place and im looking for addon to do that. I need also addon that will pop an icon of CD when timer will reset - and do nothing more (but this addon could also menage timers, i guess something like drood for druids ? ).

    im open to any kind of sugestions
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    Looks like you're using Tukui. Unless you know lua pretty well, I would suggest not using It. It doesn't have a huge abundance of options but can be highly customized IF you know lua.

    I don't know if Tukui has health color and resizing power bar options, so maybe asking these questions on the Tukui forums would be better help.


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    I made one. You can take/use any part of it which you like, and delete what you don't. The Weakauras imports alone should save you hours of work.


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    Chult, i was trying to use it, but when i removed folders in interface (addons left ofc) it was preaty messy, and i cant setup it like i want(to look like yours) and it changes localization for client (!) im eu and it changing for US

    this is waht is happening with you ui http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/194/messedui.jpg/

    bOOURNS, so i want to learn about lua
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    as bOOURNS said, go to tukui.org, community there is active and will help you with lua-coding.

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