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    Quote Originally Posted by Booniehat View Post
    I thought they've reverted the DP burst nerf? which nerf are you referring to? Sadly, I cannot access PTR - i have that client bug saying Im still playing cataclysm.
    The DP nerf was reverted indeed but the following nerfs remain;

    Flash Heal, Renew, Binding Heal and Prayer of Mending - All these spells heals for alot less
    Glyph Mind Spike - only works from Mind Spike that aren't instant casts from Surge of Darkness and therefore removing a large portion of burst
    Dispersion - now belongs to the Shadow school, meaning it can get locked out.
    Phantasm - Removing the "untargetable" part of it
    Halo - It no longer hits stealthed enemies
    Divine Star - The area of effect has been nerfed a significant amount

    Those are all the nerfs i can rememer on the spot right now but i bet there are more coming.
    Some nerfs are acceptable and logical and some arent. Thats not the discussion tho.
    Comparing to mages and locks i can safely say that spriests are the most nerfed caster at the moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cle View Post
    also is warlock as shit as people think it is in warlock-forums?
    Not quite shit but definetly not the top choice curently due to quite a number of factors:
    - lost it's defining role of dmg resilient caster thriving on outliving and multitarget preassure;
    - too much emphasis on burst with demonsoul;
    - too easy to lockdown (especially affli fully dependable on 1 school);
    - loosing bloodfear and not getting much in return;
    - 100500 fear breakers still in game;

    Imo atm Boomkin much better performs role, locks used to perform over years prior to MoP. Boomkins are tankier, their multitarget preassure is stronger (especially linking 3 starfalls), their burst is stronger, they've way more cc, they operate in 2 spell schools so interrupt one and they'll still keep going, they kite better and their team utility with symbiosis is through the roof. Honestly i dunno why Blizz had to put so much emphasis on MG channeling for locks and have completly no clue why they removed warlocks passive mitigation and replaced it with cds.

    P.S. That being said going to try lock next season heh.

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    I have ww monk, but i am interested in leveling caster class for pvp too. I am going to play another pvp class with my wwmonk.

    I am thinking about mage, was thinking about warlock but people tell its not good anymore. I have seen warlocks kiting with instant burst dmg skills and it looked fun.

    Balance druid is not so interesting, because it has way too much casting time spells instead of instant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loki504 View Post
    and why do you think i shave electric?

    but no i don't need to kill me self. i'm perfecly happy the way i live now.

    anything else?
    No. The fact that you mention killing yourself is enough for me. I will send you a razorblade tomorrow.

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