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    [Elvui] Adding a debuff to track??

    Last night I was doing some sha of fear hc progress and came across a bit of a problem, elvui doesn't track Huddle in Terror on the raid frames and I have no idea how to configure elvui to track this debuff, would make my life a lot easier instead of having to look for animations around the raid. Could anyone help me out please.


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    In the configuration menu, under 'Unitframes' there should be an option to add debuffs to the frames. There are two ID's for Huddle in Terror: 120629 & 132608 (this appears to be a dummy version). I'm at work so I can't actually look at the config menu to give you more specifics.
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    Think I found it, thanks. Hopefully it will work

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    Bumping this, got same problem and really dunno how to fix it..

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