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Thread: LFR loot ideas

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    To clarify on points made towards my post in no specific order.
    -I am not a person who joined in cata I have been in the game since late vanilla when it was about to go BC and have been raiding since bc content.
    -I do like the idea of it being an elder charm/valor instead of gold or even a higher gold requirement like 1k gold.
    -As for the whole complaining about not getting loot thing my only loot complaint is seeing the same couple of pieces drop every other week while I know I'm selling it off to a vendor and some poor soul could have used a piece from that boss.
    - I am not a lfr only hero I do raid the actual content in a 10 man raid.
    -I have seen plenty of people that if their life depended on getting a piece of lfr gear in one month they would be in the grave because they can't get anything.
    -The idea for the loot queue (pick the spec you want but go in on another spec) isn't a bad idea at all.
    -Maybe implement a tracker so that you can't do the trades until you have downed the boss x amount of times (like 4 times or so)

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    Here's an idea, be happy a mindless, no challenge dungeon is there for free epics.

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    I'm sorry but I don't like either of your ideas. While I'm not saying I want the game to be a total grind, I like how the system of RNG works because when you do get something It feels worth it. If you could just vist an NPC to get what you want or swap loot out for something else it would just be like getting handed gear.

    The only thing I would suggest is that perhaps if you are having horrible luck in getting gear drops as in no drops after clearing 10 bosses that your percent chance of getting loot increases slightly for your next boss kill.

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    Really what they oughta do is embrace the hardcores and simple get rid of gear in lfr. Like I kinda wish they would embrace every regressive and pig headed idea people come up with on forums because they think the game is to easy or to casual or whatever. If they did that then the subs could tank alot faster and then we could move on and get past this discussion about grind and gear and such.

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