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    How many persons do i need for Ulduar 25 ?

    I want to get my transmog set but, absolutely no one wants to go to Ulduar 25, and i was wondering if i could solo some bosses, or if i could do it with a few peoples, how many guys do i need for this ?

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    I did a full clear with 4 guildies. Dunno if you can do it with less.

    EDIT: We didnt do Yogg btw. We didnt event try him. We where there for the same reason as OP. There was nothing from Yogg we needed at that time.

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    soloed most of the bosses with my brewmaster monk not soo geared on 10m, soo im pretty sure you can get ulduar 25m cleared with 3-5 ppls or you can pretty much 2man it if you have decent gear.

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    If you're looking to just kill everything, you could probably get away with 2.
    If you're looking to do achievements, 5 is probably the sweet spot (decently geared)

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    You can do everything bar Yog with 2, some could be soloed easily but 2 smart people are your best bet
    To do Yog25 is an absolute bitch, you get CCed through your ass the fewer players you have and it becomes almost impossible to move out of the sanity well for fear of getting instantly mind fucked

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    You probebly need 10x for yogg, as the insanity will make Mind controll a big problem with fewer, and it will reset. Its one of those bosses that will always require many players. The rest has no sutch problems though. So if your just after the transmogs etc, you can very likely do it at 3-5x. Might take a while, but then again higher chanse you get your loot :-D.

    If your having a hard time finding ppl on your server, you could probebly find plenty of ulduar25 raids on openraid.eu Most of them are Yogg-0 Raids though, so fast cleares, with loads of ppl.

    Anyway, good luck

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    Pretty much what Runkel said.

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    I did all of the achievements minus Alone in the Darkness with 3 friends of mine, all in 450~ ilvl, so it's doable, you just need coordination.

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    Everything exept Yogg+ 0 can be done easily with 2-3 People.
    For Yogg Saron i recommend at least 10.

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