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    Do you feel that is justice? I for one do not. Sure he killed thousands or atleast is responsible for such numbers. But really does he deserve this fate? Especially if he is that little boy. The little boy was the one good part of Arthas, why should that part suffer? Why did they depict him as a little boy and not the menace that he was?
    I cannot answer that. Arthas himself caused a lot of suffering, but he did so for the most part after he picked up Frostmourne lost his mind to the whispers of the Lich King and before he merged with Ner'Zhul.

    How much of it was his own doing? Is it justice?

    Even Sylvanas who was raised unwillingly, who wasn't half the monster Arthas was and freed herself and her people is to be dragged into that void.

    It seems to be the fate of undead souls.

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    Quote where Metzen said that Ner'zhul was gone or whatever. Because when I read the book it just sounded like Arthas completely suppressed Ner'zhul's control over him. But, even that sounded fishy to me. Because it still seemed like Ner'zhul kind of.. let him believe that Arthas had won because it gave him even more incentive to be evil? It was when Arthas was in his head, slaying Ner'zhul and his younger child innocent self.

    And as the guy above me asked, if Ner'zhul is dead, then what power does Bolvar have? He just has an empty helmet. Neither Arthas nor Bolvar had any powers of necromancy or connecting to spirits or control over the dead before they put on the helm, the only reason Arthas was able to was because Ner'zhul did. The helm isn't empowered, all of the power came from Ner'zhul's torture by Kil'Jaeden and his own shamanistic and warlock background. You can't just kill off Ner'zhul AND Arthas, and still have a random helm that grants Bolvar the ability to control the scourge?

    That just doesn't add up to me. If you're talking about the book, you need to reread the passage because it could be left WIIIDDEE open to interpretation. If Metzen himself said that Ner'zhul is permanently gone and dead, and Arthas' soul isn't trapped in the helmet similarly to Ner'zhul... then Metzen needs to fine tune his story and explain how this whole scourge thing is still happening. It just doesn't add up that Ner'zhul is dead. It also doesn't make sense that Ner'zhul would be dead because.. well... Ner'zhul is a bad ass and doesn't deserve to be killed off in some pyschic feud with some pansy whiny know-nothing spoiled brat prince.

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    Where is this shortstory? I'm curious because I keep seeing people post about Velen's prophecy and all of this other stuff and haven't actually read the lore part of it. Was it something in the comics?
    Metzen said at a Blizzcon that Ner'zhul's story is over.

    The Velen shortstory is here

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