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    Quest items for mop. Quick question

    Okay leveling my ret pally. And I just noticed items for quests are only given in your current spec. I'm leveling as ret but want to play holy at 90. and start healing ASAP. So I need to be holy spec to get those items before I accept the quest. How am I suppose to get holy gear if I need the ret gear to level? But want to heal as soon as I hit 90. I figured there would be a mix like past expansions.

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    A lot of the higher level quests give you choices in gear, you can switch specs right before you turn in a quest, or find an adventuring gear vendor, they have gear that's not too bad.

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    I believe in dread wastes they start to offer you choices, also look up the "adventuring supplies" vendors on wowhead. I used the highest level one to fill in slots that I was missing when I wanted to try healing.

    nvm, here is a link to the search on wowhead for the adventuring supplies vendors:


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    Is it best to take ret gear till like 87. Then start taking holy?

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    Nice thank you very much.

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