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    [A] Libertas @ Shattered Halls (10 man 4/16hc) is recruiting healers for 5.2 core

    Libertas (semi-hc raiding guild, Shattered Halls-EU)

    Current progress
    Mogu'shan Vaults 4/6 HC
    Heart of Fear 6/6
    Terrace of Endless Spring 4/4

    We are currently looking for:
    3 healers (two will have possibility to get in main group, one will stay as backup) – paladin, monk, shaman, priest;
    2 dps (both as backup, one melee one ranged) – death knight, paladin, druid, monk, warlock, shaman.
    Also, we are always open for good backups no matter of class/spec.

    Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday – 20:30 - 00:00 (with one 10 min break).

    Mandatory addons
    Ventrilo, DBM, Telepathy.

    About Libertas
    Libertas is a guild on Shattered Halls – EU server that has been around since the beginning of 2010. It was originally created to be a 25 man raiding guild for the WotLK content. With the Cataclysm changes we have decided to switch to a 10 man raiding guild. Our main focus is on PvE content.
    Throughout this entire process Libertas always has been able to fall back on a stable raid core. We like to maintain a smaller roster, which means 90% of the people in our guild that are frequently online are people capable of raiding with us.
    While progressing through raids we need to analyze where we are going wrong and how we could improve. Yes, we are calling out names to make people be aware of their mistakes and to help them to improve themselves.

    What we require and expect from you
    You have to be aware of the fact that we do ask a lot from you. You are joining serious raiding guild, you will be playing with one of the best and most experienced people on realm, and therefore you have to be able to keep on track with them.
    1. You have to be mature. Most of the guild is 26+.
    2. You have to know English.
    3. Priorities: GUILD PROGRESSION->FUN->GEAR. Don’t waste our time if this doesn’t fit you.
    4. You need to have more than excellent knowledge about your class and in game content in general. We also expect you to know every boss inside out and on new bosses, the ability to absorb new information fast. We want you to keep in mind that you can always be better and know more.
    5. As you already know, you are nothing with all knowledge you have if you cannot translate it in better then average gameplay, which we expect from you. The most important thing is that you have to be able to pull your own weight during raids. We are not here to carry you through.
    6. We do wipe a lot on new content. If you are not willing and ready to spend four hours wiping four days per week this guild is not right place for you. Also, everyone makes mistakes. Be patiant when someone else makes a mistake.
    7. Do not bother if your goal is not to uphold a 100% attendance. This does not mean we expect you to not miss one single raid. We understand if you have other stuff to do every now and then. Stability of a raid core starts with high attendance of the members. Most important thing is, do not apply if you will stop raiding after we clear all new content, after you achieve all your personal achievements or get all gear that you need.
    8. You will be expected to be online at latest 10 minutes before the raid and outside the raiding zone, ready to go. You are of course fully buffed (flasks, food buffs) and PvE specced when raiding, even for farm raids.

    Please go to our website libertas-guild.wowstead.com and apply or contact us directly for an application or more info (bnet ID: Lyandra#2398).

    Thank you,
    Libertas, Shattered Halls - EU

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    we need healers for core spot!

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    bump still in need

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    bump still in need of people!

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