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    is HotW spec good in dps for feral druid?

    i used to be in DoC spec, but somehow i got annoyed of it as its not easy to execute properly if you want to do high dps. so is hotw spec any good in dps for feral druid?

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    Yes, HoTW is an exceptionally good talent for a feral druid. There are several reasons for this: One is that it can offer you extreme utility inside your raid (especially 10 man), and allow spells like your tranquility to serve as an extra raid cool down. Another reason would be that it's only slightly behind DoC at the moment, and nevertheless demands no attention from you whatsoever; by contrast, DoC has a player attention cost for the extra dps. The reason I think of HoTW demanding less attention as a good thing is that I've found when I'm pushing new content, it's not more dps I need, but more focus on certain aspects of the fight.

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    For most of the feral community DOC is actually a dps loss because of the inability to execute the rotation properly- so it's not just you that feels the strain of the rotation.

    HOTW/NV are still decent talents for feral. If you have a fight on farm and don't like DOC I'd recommend NV for a fight with a burst phase. HOTW is very nice for progression, it's just the standard feral rotation (most of the time) which allows you to focus on learning the mechanics but your raid shouldn't rely on it to beat an encounter.

    Just the passive HOTW (not using it in combat at all) scales nicely if you have semi-good gear (496 av+) and Agi proc trinkets.

    All of our lvl 90 talents for feral have their weakness and strengths, you just need to play them to your advantage. No one 'talent' will be best for all the encounters. You'll have the best experience if you change your build between the 1-2 talents as each fight requires (the 1-2 being HoTW/NV/Sotf/Inc).

    There's noting wrong with running 1 spec in raid and practicing others outside of it until you are more comfortable in with a rotation.

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