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  • Marksman

    40 25.00%
  • Survival

    78 48.75%
  • Beast Mastery

    37 23.13%
  • Don't Care/Other (Explain)

    5 3.13%
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    The Patient
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    MM alway attracted my ever since I played hunter. How ever it is a very close decision for me as I like all of the three specs.

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    I was MM all thru wrath and cata up until the end of DS when i went BM and and have been BM with Surv for those AoE fests ever since.. really would like to see MM make a come back one day

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    I don't really like BM but it doesn't really matter to me. I just play what's best depending on the encounter.

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    BM might be the most boring shit ever, MM<3 pre 14 focus on SS.

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    Although all 3 specs are exactly the same in terms of abilities, (AS, Signature attack, focusbuilder, killshot, flavor ability on a ~20-30 sec cd), the only one whose "proc" mechanic feels fluid is Survival. BW is clunky as fuck with our current focus regen and means you have to delay focus fire's or risk not getting the most out of the CD, and ISS/Aimed shots just feels very rigid.

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    Voted other. I'm indifferent on Marks/Surv, but I greatly dislike BM.

    If I'm doing poorly on a fight I'd rather it be because I screwed up, not because pet AI/pathing is awful.

    Otherwise, as Draco said the specs are practically identical.

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    Yeah, I like BM/Survival the most. The AI/pathing thing can suck, but I just don't really enjoy MM all that much.
    Regen#1804 need NA overwatch friends.

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    I prefer MM. It's too far behind for me to even consider it, and that makes me very sad.

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    Pre-cata: Marks
    Post-cata: Surv

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    The Lightbringer Bluesftw's Avatar
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    mm cause its only true hunter spec , unfortunatly its dog sh!t in this expansion and im forced to play faceroll boring bm to stay somewhat competetive...
    its 1st time in 5 years im considering reroling from hunter ;<

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    I love MM. It has a rhythmic quality to it that soothes my soul. I feel like casting AiS on the move nowadays though would fuck with my mental outlook.

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