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    searching this transmog set

    i was searching for a transmog set for my monk and i found that big thread where i found this one


    i looked in the posts after that but nobody wrote what set this is / where you can find it :/

    can anyone tell me where i can get this ?

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    Should probably ask in the Transmog thread instead. Looks like a bunch of low level quest gear though.

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    kilt is the kilt of sewn flesh from meathook in normal Culling of stratholme. The headgear and shoulders look like quest rewards (1-60 levelling). I can recommend the addon MogIT for checking out and browsing items.

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    The shoulder piece is from the Flowing Water (Recolor) set.

    It might also be the Cosmos Vestments rather than the Kilt of Sewn Flesh, even though they look quite similar. On second thought the Kilt matches the color better.

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