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    I use that same motivation on Raven Lord, Doesn't drop maybe 2morro & same outcome. One day that dam bird will drop my mount.
    It is said that the definition of insanity is carrying out the same action and expecting different results.

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    Yeah I'm close to giving up on LFR, I have gotten 1 item total on my main which I didn't even need because on there I raid with my guild. On my shaman which I have ran all 5 LFR's for a month and a half straight on I have gotten nothing. I just can't get loot this xpac...I've ran 15+ heroics on my monk and haven't gotten a single piece. I think blizzard cursed my account to never get gear because at end of cata i had 6 toons above 400 ilvl and 10 above 385

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    Got some items, then got duplicates of said items, then got gold for 3 or 4 weeks in a row followed by more duplicates. This was in december.
    Then I went to celebrate christmas etc with my relatives and after that I have not logged on or played anymore.

    I used to do hardcore raiding before (vanilla), semi-hardcore in TBC and WotLK. I did not play much in Cata (maybe a few months), and so far I have gotten bored of MOP very quickly.

    If I didn't have time constraints and work I would probably try and get into a normal raiding guild or a HC guild, but the amount of time you need to invest to get somewhere, included with the (for me at least) unlucky weeks in LFR has kinda killed what little motivation I still had to keep playing

    Will probably poke the game again, but I doubt it will be before mid/late expansion and/or the next expansion, as for me personally I feel like I have experienced what I need to experience from MOP already.

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    Blizzard just want you to do dailies to get charms and VP items. As simple as that. Why? Dailies are very "lazy" design for them. Dailies is just pick up a mob/item and mark it for killing/collecting. No designing, coding and testing are involved. At the end of WotLK and in Cata, they have added new QOL techs: LFD, LFR, phasing, but then they have realized, that they have not enough resource to make content, using this techs. So they tryed to shift back to obsolete techs, like dailies and call it "more content". And what is dailies? 8 year ago RPGs was about leveling and questing only - there was not much techs for engame content. And at that time the idea to let players repeat some quest every day was great. But today... Today it just looks ugly and obsolete. And some new techs, like autoincreasing spawn rates, is not helping at all - sometimes it becames even worse. So Blizzard just want to milk money form you without investing anything into improving of game.
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