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    Sha of Fear 10Hc, help managing adds in ph2.

    Hey there! So we've been trying Sha 10 Hc by a week now and i think we're going pretty good, however i think we're kinda slow on boss in ph2.
    Sadly i don't have any log but i'm pretty sure that adds are slowing the process of bringing the boss to low % hp.
    Just to give a rough idea our best attempt so far is with boss at 22% when the 2nd wave of 5 adds is coming, looking by videos it should be a lil lower (something like 18ish%?).
    Maybe the problem is that i'm putting to much dps on adds? (i'm raid leader and i tell ppl if going on adds or not), so i'm looking for some advices on which dpsers are best for the job.
    Our setup :
    War + monk tank (monk takes all naked and afraid in ph2).
    Monk + Rshaman healers.
    Ele shaman (me), arcane , frost DK, kitty druid, Spriest and surv hunter.
    So far what i'm doing with adds is :
    1 add : only dots
    2 adds: dots + ele
    3 adds : dots + ele + Spriest + surv
    4 adds : dots + ele + Spriest + surv + DK
    5 adds : every1 but the mage
    6 adds : ?? we never reached them
    We're also breaking all huddles but it comes early is causes adds to get in the middle so slow that usually i need to put an additional DPs on adds.
    Are we doing something wrong?
    Thanks in advance.

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    You need to break the Huddles in 10 man, or you will lose more dps from having people stunned + it's just simply too risky.

    Tossing the light:
    Make sure to have the Mage and the 2 healers tossing the light (standing in a triangle) and try to always have the light end on the mage before the Submerge timer reaches zero.
    That way, if you are bit slow on the adds, or when the boss emerges under a random person which is going to be the mage with the light, he can just blink to the middle, instead of passing the light and having the new adds stunned unnecessarily.

    Make sure as a light tosser that you position yourself so that the boss is between the person with the light and you if possible, unless it is already covered by the other person. Moving a little bit now and then to have perfect position will make a big deal on gathering the adds quickly so everyone can AoE.

    Healer comp:
    Can't you have the Shadow go Disc, and Shaman go Ele or something? It's a very easy fight to heal, with some burst damage during Huddles and Disc is the best bet healer-wise aswell, and he will put out a huge amount of dps in p2 with int/crit gemming/reforges and Twist of Fate talent which should have an extremely high uptime, and will double dip to 34% bonus Atonement healing. 100% uptime sub 20% aswell.(I did over 16 million damage to adds on my alt Disc Priest in p2, and a fair amount of boss dmg too.
    Log: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/r...=10321&e=11266 (Put it to Damage by Actor) YES THIS IS HEALER DPS...

    All you need to do as a Disc here is to Atonement spam adds>boss and pop Archangel or PW:Shield the feared people during Huddles/Spout if it's dodgy. Keep shield up on the person with light during Spout as he can't move.

    To optimize:
    *It is correct that you only wanna dot/cleave(for some classes) the first few sets of adds (And keep doing so for aslong as you can afford). If an add dies before the dots run out, then that's wasted dps.
    *Pop heroism + pots + Skull banner + Chain both Stormlash Totems + all other CDs after first Emerge and burn boss, make sure all healers are nuking aswell, as I can almost guarantee you that you will have plenty of low (1-5% wipes) on this fight, and every single bit of damage matters so much. Hero will be ready again towards 5-10% unless your dps is superb, and should be used for killing adds.
    *When Sha Reaches 70% ish in p1, the people going to the platform must not touch the add at all to save trinket procs.
    *Small detail, but might aswell add it in: Early you can break out dps from Huddle first to gain more dps, but later you probably wanna break healers out first. It gets hectic
    6+ adds: Everyone. You don't wanna fall behind on adds. (Falling behind on adds means being forced to throw the light because adds are still chasing people with the light even after a new set of adds have spawned.. Yea if this happends it will just keep snowballing, and you are f***ed.) note that adds spawn when he Submerges, and you wanna avoid tossing the light at that point, unless Huddle comes up, which is just worst rng possible and is just something you will have to accept.
    *Also, here is a macro you can, and should use for casting the light (especially the Disc priest, if you decide to make him go Disc)

    /target mouseover
    /click ExtraActionButton1
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    Cheers from a different group than the OP, very nice post.

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    Imo the key is to kill the Adds as slowly as possible at the start and as fast as possible at the end.

    Single Adds dont even need DoTs, just kill them during Submerge. If Boss Emerges when Add is at 20% just switch on boss and let it die from DoTs. Throwing the ball a few times too often doesn't matter here.
    2-3 Adds should easily be killed by DoTs (Mage should put up a few dots too for example while moving) + cleave + focus-DMG while Submerged.
    4 Adds... Ele should be on Adds fulltime from now on with CL-Glyph. Keep cleaving and dotting.
    5 Adds... everybody should be on Adds, Mage on Boss but also helping out doing some singletarget-DMG on the adds with much HP (usually some adds come later than others and don't get hit by all AoEs... having one person bringing these adds low helps a lot... 2-3 Arcane Blasts are enough and help greatly).
    6+ Adds... EVERYONE on the Adds including Mage focusing the Adds with much HP fulltime.... the Boss should be on <15% now (if not you should optimize your dmg on the boss even more), you basically just burn the boss when the adds aren't there yet, the rest will just be DoT + AoE DMG.

    When the Boss emerges with something like 5% HP you kill off the old adds and ignore the new ones until the Boss is dead. Imo at this stage its all about not wiping... i would even recommend to throw the ball only 1-2 times during huddle, maybe this will kill 1 DD but if you survive the huddle during the <5% Phase the boss should be dead because the other throws shouldn't be a problem.

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    If the adds die as the next spawn, it's perfect. If you have more dps on them, you waste cleave time when they're dead. If you have less, you're going to get overwhelmed by them. We didn't have any assigned players except our multi-dotters who were always on the adds and most of our dps just hit the boss. At the larger waves our players started automatically to hit the adds to keep the pace of killing them with then new ones spawning.

    Also try calling out when you have cooldowns on them as then more dps can be focused on the boss. I (as a moonkin) used all my cooldowns on the adds always so they'd just melt when they were up.
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    Mage could also be on the add with the most HP (there is nearly always 1 high add) if his aoe is shit, idk how Arcane does. Atleast we as Disc were focusing highest adds, which helped out a lot (unless we were Mind Searing).

    Slowing the adds in the front helps out gathering them a lot. (after tossing light once, usually)
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    @Celar, I use that macro too, but do you know if there's a way to say who you're throwing the ball to with that macro (or maybe even whisper)? Is there a mouseover equivalent to %t for target?
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    I use Weakauras for that with a different sound warning. Name of the light is ''Champion of the Light'' Remember it's a debuff.
    Force your raid force to install it. It's so usefull, and you can just send an aura in-game with one mouse click so they don't need to know how the addon works at all.
    Otherwise, they could put ''Champion of the Light'' in BigWigs to emphasized.

    Else, try:

    /target mouseover
    /click ExtraActionButton1
    /run if UnitExists"target"then SendChatMessage("{star}Light on YOU! {star}","WHISPER",nil,UnitName"target")end

    is the best whisper macro I can come up with.

    Quote Originally Posted by timoseewho View Post
    but do you know if there's a way to say who you're throwing the ball to with that macro (or maybe even whisper)? Is there a mouseover equivalent to %t for target?
    This whisper macro will whisper your target, but since you automatically target the mouseover, then it does the ability, then whispers target, then it targets last target - All in 1 frame, so I don't see why it shouldn't work.

    Note that they will be spammed, though, and you will probably start spamming the button when you get feared, resulting in him getting 20 whispers.
    Also Im too lazy to learn how to make it only whisper the person if he is in range only.

    Best bet by far is to use Weakauras for your whole raid (imo..).
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