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    Elvui/Shadow and Light problems...


    I recently installed Elvui with Shadow and Light. My current issue is that my Experience/reputation bars are gigantic, being filled in as I gain exp or rep. I've dug through the options and thus far have been unable to edit the scale. I've already uninstalled/reinstalled the mods and keep running into the same issue.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated ^_^
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    Please use the tukui site for help with S&L/ElvUI isses. git.tukui.org/repooc/elvui-shadowandlight/issues (tech cant post links since i am not that active on these forums) is the location for S&L tickets. To narrow down issues, please provide more infomation at that location to help reproduce the issue(s) like verison numbers/screenshots and such. MMO forums is not really the place to ask for help for either addon. I just happen to see this thread while looking for something specific. BTW I am the Repooc (One of the Authors of S&L)

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