View Poll Results: Your favorite class for Tanking?

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  • Death Knight

    90 27.27%
  • Druid

    27 8.18%
  • Monk

    47 14.24%
  • Paladin

    77 23.33%
  • Warrior

    89 26.97%
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    Paladin was awesome before mop changes. Now i prefer the druidier version more

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    Death Knights. Warriors I love trash pulls with em, but overall have to go with my DK. Always love the feeling if idiots die on a 5man boss, I can solo most of them. (Non heroic, only level 88, played a lot in Cata though so still applies there). And having high survivability by my self makes me feel like I am helping the healers.
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    Gotta say im having fun at lvl 68 already with my monk tank as opposed to my druid.

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