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    LF Tank for 10 man for core spot...Paid Xfer available

    Hi all,

    Shadow and Light is a mature but fun 10 man alliance late night raiding guild.
    We raid Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 10pm to 1am EST.

    We are looking for a tank with the following qualities:

    - Mature (not necessarily in age but in attitude)
    - Skilled
    - Team Oriented
    - Prepared
    - with a sense of humor

    We are currently 6/6 MV, 4/6 HoF, 3/4 ToES (elite protectors) and progressing fast. We might be a bit behind you, but I guarantee we will catch up!

    Heroic Modes are on the agenda, but we need YOU to be our tank! We have a great Monk tank, just need another good tank to fill out the roster!

    We are willing to pay for transfer for the right individual. The guild provides, repairs, food, and flasks for raid night. Gems and enchanting mats are available in the guild bank.

    Add me and let's chat....darthmongo#1551
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    The core spot is still available.

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