Hey guys, we're <Winter is Coming> on US Mug'thol, Horde 10man raiding. Our current progression is 10/16 HM and we are in strong need of a 10th player, starting tomorrow. We will pay for your transfer.

A little about us:
We're a close group of friends who have been playing together for many years, but we are open to new players. We do not bench players and we do not have multiple trials. 10man raid, 10 raiders. If you join, there will be no competition for your spot. The only thing that could risk your spot is if you do not play at your optimal performance level.

Our raid environment is casual at times and calm all the time, but we're serious about progression and expect at least one new boss killed every week.

Druid Tank (with DPS off-spec)
Monk Tank (with DPS off-spec)
Paladin Tank (with DPS off-spec)
Elemental Shaman (with Healing off-spec)
Balance Druid (with Healing off-spec)
Shadow Priest (with Healing off-spec)

Raid Times: Tues / Wed / Thurs 9:30-1:00am EST

496+ ilvl and 6/12 HM cleared (although we will drop down to 490+ ilvl and 3/12 HM cleared for applicants who seem both talented and intelligent).

You can check out our website here: http://www.winter-approaches.com

Due to the urgency involved in needing to find a player for tomorrow, we will forgo the online application process for current applicants. If you're interested, add me on Real ID or Battletag (rather than responding here) and we'll talk. I will be on all afternoon and for most of the night. Even if you're not sure this is the right guild for you, go ahead and add me and we'll talk it over.

This is a wonderful opportunity for skilled players who are seeking a respectful, friendly, but serious raiding environment and for players who are seeking a team that will be raiding for many patches to come (5.2 and beyond). Also a wonderful opportunity for players who feel that their skill level outweighs their current gear and experience, and have logs to prove it!

My name is Saladface, and I am guild leader and officer. My Real ID is [email protected] and my Battletag is Saladface#1271

Hope to hear from you soon!