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    Elv UI Profiles

    For the past year or so I've used Elv UI, there has always been an option under profiles to copy from XXXXXX. I recently updated it and now i cant copy from profile, I have to use my mains profile or set a whole new one up. Well if i change anything on my other toons, it changes my main UI. This is extremely frustrating. I recently had to delete my cache/WTF folders also so not sure if that or the update is what caused this. Any solutions?

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    Your settings are saved to wtf-folder, so thats why you have lost them.

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    i realize what my WTF folder is. I am saying that there is no longer an option under the profiles tab to simply "Copy profile." I can only choose profiles I have made, meaning the one from my main.

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    There was an update for MoP that erased all your saved data(Version 5.00). If you had already updated to 5.0 then lost your new data after that, I dont know what the problem could be

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    well, using latest version and looking at my profile-settings at his very moment, there is a "copy from"-option.

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